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User Profile for Malahki Thorn
User Name: Malahki Thorn (Malahki Thorn)
Member Since: Friday, March 05 2004 @ 06:27 PM PST
email: malahki_thorn@heathenharvest.com
Homepage: http://www.HeathenHarvest.com
Bio: My Story

My name is Malahki Raven Thorn and I live in Trinity County California which is located in a extremely remote and rural part of Northern California. I moved here from San Francisco several years ago to pursue a quieter life and back to the land living. I live on a 20 acre wooded parcel called Dark Horse Ranchon the western facing side of a mountain valley in a small town of less than 100 people. The town is nested in the center of the wilderness and mountains of Trinity National Forest on the South Fork of the Trinity River. I live at Dark Horse Ranch with my partner of nine years Joshua Peters, our two German Shepard’s, a new puppy and three cats.

I love not man the less, but Nature more.
--Lord Byron

I am 31 years old and have been listening to various forms of post-industrial / underground music since early High School. With the onset of a disabling nuero-muscular disorder I became more deeply engrossed in music. Music has since become a way for me to escape my body when needed and voyage mentally into new and interesting musical / mental terrains. I have also developed a strong affinity with the anti-authoritarian and outsider nature of industrial music as well as the Teutonic and spiritual nature of neofolk music. Heathen Harvest grew out of my desire to exercise my creativity through writing.

I spend most of my time listening to music, writing about music, gardening, playing with and training my two pure bred German Shepards Assa and Mika and our new puppy Justice, hiking in the Trinity National Forest and swimming in the local South Fork of the Trinity River. I am constantly expanding my knowledge of outdoor skills through practice and continued study. My current outdoor interests include hiking, camping, cross country trekking, tracking wild animals and hunting. I also work with animal furs, leathers and bones from wild animals creating useful and sacred objects that honor the sprit of the animals I choose to use. I am also currently studying numerous subjects of interest including pre-Christian Northern European culture, tradition, mythology and Teutonic Shamanism. I also actively study and train in non-traditional forms of martial arts such as hook wrestling, knife fighting and various physical combat skills. I have a vested interest in firearms and enjoy refining my shooting skills. I love to travel and have begun traveling extensively around the world. So far I have conquered Canada, Mexico, Hungary, Russia, Poland and Eastern Germany.


Arts: Music, writing, poetry, film, painting, sculpture, performance arts, dance, photography.

Recreation: Swimming, hiking, trekking, mushroom hunting, white water and river rafting, horse back riding, gardening, international travel.

Wilderness Skills: Animal tracking, hunting, animal and bird identification, plant and tree identification, backwoods exploration.

Scared Crafts: Working with furs, animal skins, horn, bones etc. stone carving, rune construction.

Martial Arts: Archery, knife fighting, hook wrestling, tactical firearms training, Teutonic warrior traditions.

Spiritual: Teutonic and Nordic mythology, runes, folklore, plant lore, animal lore, tribal & ritual dancing, drumming, ethno botany, lycanthropy, shape shifting, animal guising, ancestral memory, Teutonic shamanism, seasonal rites, Seidr, Galdr, Ayahuasca, nature mysticism.

Academic Studies: Ancient History, WWI & II, ancient culture, pre-industrial society and cultures, archeology.

Culture: Underground culture, gourmet food, fine wines and imported & micro brew beers, organic food, radical traditionalism, homesteading, handcrafted items, traditional skills.

Obscure Passions: Abandoned buildings, ruins, natural waterways, storms, old growth forests, mountains, caves, solar and lunar eclipses, ancient artifacts, standing stones, burial mounds, The Wild Hunt, rail roads, alpine solitude, tattooing, rusted machinery...

Social Activism: Free speech, ecology, environmentalism, animal rights, libertarianism, gun rights, anti-globalization, nature preservation.

Things I Detest: Social and religious conservatives, religious fundamentalism, missionaries, republicans, pro-life activists, developers, globalization, corporations, Christians, dictators, the US entertainment industry, mainstream media, followers, hierarchies, authority, pop music.

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