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User Profile for Blond Adonis
User Name: Blond Adonis (Kent Manthie)
Member Since: Tuesday, May 27 2008 @ 01:15 AM PDT
Bio: Freelance Critic - written for Reviewer, Amplifiermagazine.com, www.bigdplace.com, Plastic Ashtray, and long ago I wrote for a Minneapolis-based magazine, Cake.
I have very wide-ranging tastes in music - one minute I can be listening to an old Black Sabbath CD and after that play a Miles Davis disc, or go from a Throbbing Gristle album to Black Flag or from Velvet Undergroud to Wagner's "Ring Cycle" (or parts thereof). But my two favorite "rock" bands have to be Sebadoh and Stereolab.
I currently live with my friend Monica in San Diego, but will be moving back to L.A. in about a year.
Went to college for two years, dropped out and started working a job to support myself. But by reading I've educated myself more than anything I was ever taught in any school.
My favorite authors include: Sartre, Huxley, Kafka, Charles Bukowski, William S Burroughs, Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal.
I'm very introverted and shun the public, save for a good concert now & then. One of the best shows I've seen was Stereolab opening up for Sonic Youth in the parking lot of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN in June of 2000.
I currently spend most of my time writing, listening to music or reading.

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Total number of articles:95
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