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Helping Out Heathen Harvest

Heathen Harvest has remained self financed and advertisement free since our inception in 2003. As Heathen Harvest has grown so has our budget. Today we are asking for your assistance in supporting Heathen Harvest in remaining a not for profit advertisement free community focused magazine.

Staying true to our belief that the post industrial music scene constitutes an international family of fans and contributors Heathen Harvest continues to work with a wide array of international journalists from countries as diverse as the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, and Cali-Columbia South America. Supporting such a diverse roster of talented journalists has its expenses and we are hoping with your assistance that these expenses do not become limitations to our growth

In addition Heathen Harvest has always striven to offer a unique, convenient and custom browsing experience tailored to the needs of the modern music fan. In order to accomplish this goal we rely upon a contracted webmaster. Future website developments at Heathen Harvest now depend on our ability to raise adequate funds. We hope you share our belief and vision and can assist us in growing.

One Time Contribution...

A one time contribution lets you contribute any amount, in any currency that paypal accepts. It's just a single transaction.

Contribute one time. Any amount, anytime you want.

...or Contribute Monthly

If you can contribute a small donation each month. The buttons below will let your paypal account setup recurring donations for each month. You can cancel anytime by clicking here. Any amount of time is a great help.
NOTE: these are in US Dollars (USD).

Contribute $2 per month.  This will recur each month.
Contribute $5 per month.  This will recur each month.
Contribute $10 per month.  This will recur each month.
Contribute $25 per month.  This will recur each month.

Acceptance Mark

However you show your support for Heathen Harvest, monetarily or otherwise, we thank you. We're honored you took the time to visit.

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