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Heathen Harvest Biography

RFD Magazine and the beginning of Heathen Harvest

Heathen Harvest Music Review began in 2002 as a collaborative music review publishing venture between RFD Magazine and Heathen Harvest's creator Malahki Thorn. Malahki proposed to the Radical Faerie Digest that he be granted feature space in each issue to present a music review. The intent was that music reviewed would be of an esoteric nature and the review would be written in context of the Radical Faeries Community at large. The intention was to introduce Radical Faeries who were not familiar with post industrial / underground music to this vast and thriving music arena. Since 2002 Heathen Harvest Music Review has shown up in every issue of Radical Faerie Digest. Music reviewed in RFD Magazine fluctuates between light, between the worlds and darkness and is covered solely by Malahki Thorn. Heathen Harvest has been warmly embraced by Radical Faeries readers from all over the world.

Heathen Harvest Online

Heathen Harvest moved online after one and a half successful years of publishing in RFD Magazine . Though review articles still appear in each issue of RFD Magazine the majority of authors and efforts are now centered on Heathen Harvest Website.

This is the second incarnation of Heathen Harvest Website. The first Heathen Harvest Website was hosted by RFD Magazine . This relationship expired when Heathen Harvest outgrew the RFD Magazine server.

The Heathen Harvest Collective

In the spring of 2005 Heathen Harvest evolved from a one man project into a multifaceted music journalist collective comprised of writers of different backgrounds from across the USA. In December 2005 the first Heathen Harvest collective was disbanded do to a lack of commitment and poor performance by the journalists who had been recruited. From December 2005 to June 2006 Heathen Harvest once again operated as a one man venture.

In June of 2006 Heathen Harvest once again invited an array of new journalists to join the website in an effort to expand the range, diversity, and sheer volume of music covered within the context of Heathen Harvest. The new Heathen Harvest journalist collective has now includes twelve active and committed full time journalists. For more information about the journalists of Heathen Harvest please visit Wolf Pack

The Future

We feel confident at Heathen Harvest that our hard work and commitment to the international post-industrial music community will continue to mature fostering the continuing growth of both the Heathen Harvest audience and our much loved music community.

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