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Heathen Harvest - Wolf Pack
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Netherlands ChAwech (Almar Veenstra)
Review Administrator / Staff Recruiter / Journalist

ChAwech' main admin job is uploading the reviews for all Heathen Harvest journalists. This means checking for errors on every level.  Please contact ChAwech to report any typographical or editing errors.  In addition, if you have questions about a review posted at Heathen Harvest are would like to contact a specific journalist please contact ChAwech. ChAwech also manages recruitment for Heathen Harvest. People interested in participating at Heathen Harvest are encouraged to conatct ChAwech for further information.  Furthermore, ChAwech is a perfectionist.


Russia Elena ZG
Russian Language Public Relations Administrator / Internal Communications Administrator / Journalist  

Besides writing reviews, my main job is communicating with people (pretty usual thing everyone has to do each day during the whole lifetime). PR to be precise. I handle all Russian language communications and public relations for Heathen Harvest. I also manage and oversee internal communications an everything that deals with recruiting journalists, maintaining the data bases of promos received, sent and reviewed, keeping an eye on how the job of journalists is done, which means compiling the reviews and getting the figures - anything cannot pass by. Besides I"m the keeper of all the contacts, a messenger of good and bad news (when it comes to feedback) and will try to become a Jack of all trades when it comes to assisting admins. in anything else. For me supporting Heathen Harvest is supporting the underground.


United States Lord Lycan (Sage Weatherford)
Public Relations Administrator / Promotional Receptionist / Interview Administrator / Metal Supervisor / Journalist

Sage is the Heathen Harvest Public relations administrator in addition to being the promotional receptionist.  If you need to speak with Heathen Harvest please contact Sage first.  If you want to submit music for review at Heathen Harvest Sage can also help you with additional information.  Sage is not only our External PR representative, but also the journalist in charge of interviews, concerts, and interviews.  If you're a band or artist and you need to contact Heathen Harvest for any reason, be it questions, concerns, suggestions, or just recommendations and input,
please feel free to get ahold of him!  He can set up interviews for you or arrange for a journalist to be present at your concert for photographs and an interview.  Please feel free to contact him for any reason, he's here to help.  Sage's other important role at Heathen Harvest is being the founder of our metal section here at Heathen Harvest.  Over the past two years he has worked to build the metal section into what it is today. While he is our main metal journalist, he has also inducted Adrian Magers aboard for this purpose as well as sending subgenre-specific releases to
the appropriate journalists.

If you have a special request for a journalist, please feel free to contact him.


United States Malahki Thorn
Founder / Editor In Chief

I am the owner and original creator of Heathen Harvest.  I work closely with the the other administrators to run the daily affairs of Heathen Harvest.  I also lead the design team at Heathen Harvest comprised of the other administrators, our contracted web designer, and myself.  In addition I receive and manage the incoming promo submissions and determine which journalist receives each submitted review album.  Imagine the wizard behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz...


Spain Paddy O' Sullivan
News Administrator / Journalist

My duties include receiving and publishing news articles and announcements at Heathen Harvest. If you are looking to have your newsletter or news announcements posted at Heathen Harvest please submit them to me. In edition if you would like to have Heathen Harvest publish a regular newsletter or announcement that you produce then please contact me for details on how to sign up Heathen Harvest. If you have comments on a news story or you would like to submit a correction I am your man.

[Please look below in the reviewers section for entries containing further personal and / or biographical information about out our administration staff.]

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Finland Achromaticus

I'm 22 years old physics student. Besides math homework and listening to a lot of music, I have no hobbies. Occasionally I play the piano. I love all sort of music, but I guess the most common genres are black and gothic metal, and some more poppish goth genres, like darkwave etc.

United States Adam.Torruella (Adam Collins-Torruella)

Alma mater: Brooks Institute of Photography

Area of Study: Visual Journalism & New Media

Area of Interest in Photography & Journalism: War and conflict photography, humanitarian journalism, cultural journalism.

Personal Interests (Outside of Journalism): Noir culture, martial drumming, technical computer junk, veganism, radical traditionalism, asceticism, world religions & folklore.

Heros: Ron Haviv, Chris Morris, Joachim Ladefoged, Ira Glass, H?rodotos Halikarn?sseus.

Favored Music Genres: Neofolk, neoclassical, martial, gypsy jazz, ebm andidm.

Little Known Fact: I tend to get bad social anxiety unless I'm hiding behinda camera. I also have a rat named Klaus.

Personal Site:

United_Kigdom Amorphix (Adam Loveday)

Norway Batcheeba and Grid

Batcheeba, born 1976. My day job is working with schizophrenics. When I come home, I make music or work on my paintings. I surround my self with visual and audible stimuli. Education in art. Involved in several projects with several people. Website: myspace/batcheebalyd

Gird_09 has worked with music for one and half decade, and has never once been close to writing anything the general populace would like. In the mean time he has also earned a masters degree in history and bachelor in library science. He makes a living by peddling books and spends to much money on music and films. His interests outside music include horror films, fascist symbology, architecture and logic. You can listen his to outputs and read more at myspace and various other sites in the internet.

United States Blond Adonis (Kent Manthie)

Freelance Critic - written for Reviewer,,, Plastic Ashtray, and long ago I wrote for a Minneapolis-based magazine, Cake.

I have very wide-ranging tastes in music - one minute I can be listening to an old Black Sabbath CD and after that play a Miles Davis disc, or go from a Throbbing Gristle album to Black Flag or from Velvet Undergroud to Wagner's "Ring Cycle" (or parts thereof). But my two favorite "rock" bands have to be Sebadoh and Stereolab.

I currently live with my friend Monica in San Diego, but will be moving back to L.A. in about a year. Went to college for two years, dropped out and started working a job to support myself. But by reading I've educated myself more than anything I was ever taught in any school.

My favorite authors include: Sartre, Huxley, Kafka, Charles Bukowski, William S Burroughs, Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal.

I'm very introverted and shun the public, save for a good concert now & then. One of the best shows I've seen was Stereolab opening up for Sonic Youth in the parking lot of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN in June of 2000.

I currently spend most of my time writing, listening to music or reading.

Netherlands ChAwech (Almar Veenstra)

1.85cm, blond, blue eyes, slim, Frisian.

My musical focus lies mainly with martial, neoclassical, neofolk, medieval folk, traditional folk and folk metal. This focus extends to non musical things, such as reading, movies and TV series, imagery and symbolism, and decoration. I devour fantasy, science fiction and documentaries.

I like celtic art, tiny liquorbottles (max 100ml), red colors, eccentricity, bargains and animals. I love and hate stereotypes and presumptions based upon them, therefore I love and hate the world. I dislike cruelty, hate, violence, stupidity, narrow mindedness and the like. I'm a hippy, a pagan, a folky. I'm a satanist, agnosticist, atheist. I am you, I am me, I am no-one. Welcome to my nihilism, filled with contradictions.

Pro freedom of speech and freedom of art. No one has the right not to be offended. Nothing is bipolar.

I might bark, but I won't bite. I'm friendly when you are.

Colombia Edgar Kerval (Edgar Maurizio Ramirez)

I am EDGAR KERVAL, a 36 years old wolf residing in cali,colombia south america. My main interest are music,occultism and art. Actually working in publications such as PAN.O.RA.MA (a web zine dedicated to all expressions of art,music and mixed with occultism,magick and forms of mystiscism.another project is LAHTAL(tentative name) which is a printed publication with so much connotation reffering left hand path,thelema.kaos magick..also works with fernando (Thisco Recs)on ANTHIBOTHIS book,doing interviews.

My musical tastes are dynamic and varies from FOLK,AMBIENT,INDUSTRIAL,DRONE,EBM,ELEKTRO for me is really important to be a part of HEATHEN HARVERST from my side just wait high quality interviews and reviews!!! thanx to all of you for accepting me as a part of this unity called HH and no more words from my side!!

Australia Henry Lauer

With a surname that via voodoo linguistics means “Loki,” Henry was always destined to become some kind of trouble. His life consists of an endless process of purging and burnishing as he seeks to become a better reflection for the Well of Mimir. There are setbacks and victories in this task, but over the years the cycles between forgetting and remembering his place in the order of things has gotten faster and faster – and soon perhaps these strange spiritual oscillations will reach their climax.

Henry finds it impossible to keep abreast of his creative urge. He plays in a number of outfits including Ironwood, Sword Toward Self, Beastianity, and Ein Skopudhr Galdra, as well as collaborating with brilliant prog-world-folk composer Marianthe Loucataris. He writes for Hex Magazine, has written for Eightfold Sun print zine and contributed a chapter to the chaos magic opus Liber Malorum.

There’s always another song to be sung: Ironwood released their debut album :Fire:Water:Ash: in late January 2009; Sword Toward Self will have their first full album out later in 2009; and a number of other projects he is involved with should also manage musical releases in 2009 (Ms Loucataris’s debut album and Beastianity’s sophomore effort should both be well worth your checking out, as well as the first Ein Skopudhr Galdra release to appear in years).

Oh, and Henry is also one of the folks behind the rune/seidh/heathen/martial arts/magick website Elhaz Ablaze.

In the spirit of his own brand of Chaos Heathen alchemy Henry has been busily dismantling and reassembling his life in accordance with the binary principle of Fearless Honesty...

The links: Ironwood: Sword Toward Self: Beastianity: Ein Skopudhr Galdra: Marianthe Loucataris: Elhaz Ablaze:

Spain Isis

University worker, PhD student, dj, club resident, event & concert promoter, journalist, radio broadcaster and music lover.

Every new adventure is a new begining.

Sonidobscuro # Sound Six Radio # Delta Promoters # AIS Promoters # Le Decadance Electronique # Transmisión Magazine # Side Line # La Naranja Mecánica #

United_States Jhon Robert Longshaw

I am the medium of all the compositions for my ritual ambient/experimental entity Black Seas of Infinity as well as the power electronics/noise/dance industrial project Death Hymen. I am deeply involved in the investigation and application of the arte magickal in many paradigms and fascinations, which is reflected in all of my outpourings, whether that be through a musical, written or visual extension, or through the eternal thoughts and movements of the apparently mundane. Every action, sense, emotion and thought being a cohesion of the eternity of I...

My musical tastes are deeply varied including but not limited to, ritual ambient, dark ambient, folk, neo folk, power electronics, noise, avante garde rock/metal, deep space dub, dance industrial, psychedelia, breakbeat, black metal, death metal, doom metal and all mutations of said genres.

Colombia Jack the Ripper (Ayax Gudziol)

I am Ayax Gudziol, German/italian resided in Colombia. Currently cheff as a manner of survival in the physical reign and as a philosopher for all the rest of metaphysical endeavours.

Musical lover since early also art enthusiast and enfant terrible advocate.The rest of my obsessions are food, good wine and some beers, reading good literature and philosophy and to practice martial arts (Ai-kido).

My musical interests are very broad, but im very elitist on what respects to originality and composition. Music should not be a repetition ad nauseam from others ideas and concepts, expansion and imagination are they keys. Don't get settled on intimidation or admiration,just create something of your own, that will not only lead you to find admirers of your work but also your truly own. Heilige leben!

United States Leech (Lee M. Bartow)

I am known in certain circles as the main personality behind the industrial/ambient/power electronics project Navicon Torture Technologies and the Annihilvs label.

I've been active in the NYC industrial scene since the early 90s, and have been involved in the organisation and promotion of live events since 1998. Currently I am one of the curators of the monthly event Unsound. Without these activities, my life would be devoid of meaning or purpose and I would likely succumb to the deep depression which is perpetually nipping at my heels.

United States Lord Lycan (Sage Weatherford)

I'm a 21 year old male living in the Cincinnati and Columbus areas of Ohio. An active concert-goer and musician, I enjoy supporting not only the local metal and post-industrial scenes, but also any bands from abroad that venture my way. I have been playing classical percussion as well as drum kit (metal & jazz) for over a decade, guitar (including bass and 12-string acoustic) for nearly 6 years, and piano/keyboards for 3. I recently bought a violin and I am currently seeking to learn to play this instrument as well.

I am an active listener to all metal subgenres, EBM, industrial, gothic rock of all kinds, doom rock, neoclassical, and heavenly voices. If it is heavy, melodic, or beautiful, I will most likely like it. Black metal is my true love, however, extremely harsh music does hardly anything for me. Intense harsh black metal and power electronics aren't really my cup of tea, however, if the black metal is musically talented or experimental, I will most likely really enjoy it. Likewise, I get into harsh music like Lenny Dee, strictly for its experimental nature. Avant-garde and experimental music are my other loves, anything that puts a twist on modern music or anything intelligent that makes one think and remold their thoughts.

Other than music, I am also a fan of occult or magickal literature, and interesting true art. By true, I mean not this digital shit that has taken over the world as of late. I am a fan of painting and sculpting. Modern art does nothing for me either. I enjoy going to the local goth clubs with my friends and bandmates, as well as spending time travelling with my girlfriend and her son. I am also incredibly obsessed with music in the medium of vinyl and underground metal magazines. I love receiving rarities as I am an active collector. For a day job, I am a screenprinter. Sorry, I work for a large company so I cannot take band shirt requests. haha.

I have several music projects in which I am involved in which I will not go into a ton of detail about. However, I will list a few here:

Thorn Garden - Industrial Metal
Arcane Legacy - Epic Pagan Metal
Tribe of Lycan - Melodic Black Metal
Endless Blue - Sea-oriented Guitar Drone Doom

United Kingdom Lysander (Sam Grant)

Lysander is a cantankerous hermit with an obsession for the more questionable areas of music, cinema and literature. He grew up near a farm in North London and was dredged through a series of cultish educational mires before earning an extremely futile Philosophy degree. He currently works in various areas of the musical world and has a fascination with most things outlandish, apart from avant-garde poetry. He has yet to develop a fetish for clown porn but isn't ruling it out.

United States Malahki Thorn

My name is Malahki Raven Thorn and I live in Trinity County California which is located in a extremely remote and rural part of Northern California. I moved here from San Francisco several years ago to pursue a quieter life and back to the land living. I live on a 20 acre wooded parcel called Dark Horse Ranch on the western facing side of a mountain valley in a small town of less than 100 people. The town is nested in the center of the wilderness and mountains of Trinity National Forest on the South Fork of the Trinity River. I live at Dark Horse Ranch with my partner of nine years Joshua Peters, our two dogs and three cats.

I  have been listening to various forms of post-industrial / underground music since early High School. With the onset of a disabling nuero-muscular disorder I became more deeply engrossed in music. I have also developed a strong affinity with the anti-authoritarian and outsider nature of industrial music as well as the Teutonic and spiritual nature of neofolk music. Heathen Harvest grew out of my desire to exercise my creativity through writing.

Canada Mark Howitt

My name is Mark Howitt, a 27 year old born in the province of Ontario Canada where I have lived all my life. I have been actively involved in performing in several bands and promoting metal music for over a decade now with no chance of stopping any time soon. I have 2 wonderful children, my daughter Gaia Valkyrie, and my son Malik Gryphon. They are my reason for living and combined with music make me a complete individual. My other interests and hobbies include studying many different topics including the history of just about everyhting, astronomy, physics and astrophysics, world cultures and religion, politics, conspiracy theories, and much more. I am always learning about new things and have an extensive documentary collection. In 2004, I started a record label and booking agency called Archaic North Entertainment. Since its conception, we have released albums by Wolven Ancestry and Empyrean Plague with many more to come in the near future. ANE is also a tour booking agency which has worked with many of the worlds finest metal bands in local productions and also Canadian and US tours. Here is a list of the projects I am involved in, or have been involved with in the past: ARCHAIC NORTH RECORDS - label ARCHAIC NORTH ENTERTAINMENT - booking WOLVEN ANCESTRY - Vocals, Pagan Black Metal AMARANTH - Black Metal solo project (with exception of drums/ambience) FRACTAL GENERATOR - Vocals, Imrpov Death/Grind/Black/Jazz Fusion Hybrid DARKBLOOD - Solo sorrowful dark ambience project FLESHCRAFT - (2001-2005) Thrash/Death Metal

Israel Oren Ben Yosef

Born on 1979 in Israel. Finished four years in animation/video art college,and now going through another one in order to get a degree in arts and a teacher diploma.Other areas of interest include religion and philosophy.End times and beginings ,and so on and so forth and vice versa.

I Dj alternative music but my love goes to the apocalyptic sounds of drones, post industrial,harsh and hostile. Founder of the label "House of the last light" and taking my parts in mortalmanifest, seven morgues and Thee virginal brides.

I know the end is nigh.

;Spain Paddy O' Sullivan

My name is Paddy and I currently reside in Tenerife Canary Islands the land of eternal springtime, from Boston originally and moved here about five years ago with my partner, decided we needed to make a change so I put everything in storage and moved over here with two dogs, bought a piece of rural property in the national park without any means of electricity other than a generator up in the hills with a small finished cave house with a larger network of unfinished caves away from everything where our only neighbors were rabbits, quite a change from living in a city that’s for sure.

Musically my interests are fairly broad, but I tend to listen to ambient, neofolk, folk, martial….the list keeps going really ,other interests include in no particular order: Mishima, Jodorowsky, Almodovar, Kenneth Anger, Calatrava, myth, Genet, John Waters, full moons and sunrise, Odd Nerdrum, fine food and a lot of wine.

Switzerland Perceptron

  • birth year: 1982.
  • studies in Lausanne University, Switzerland.
  • fond of noisy, distorted music styles, in general (for enough time not to have a 100% audition anymore).
  • favorite genres: black/death metal, noise, power electronics, industrials, some neo/darkfolk etc.
  • sometimes prefers the cool of the sleeping forest to the stickiness of events, parties, pubs.
  • does not collect ladies on a list of conquests (do not hunt anyway).
  • drinks few, is not interested in drugs (apart audio ones).
  • does not worship gothic, metal, indus scenes, although not hating any of ‘em fundamentally.
  • does not like to get affiliate to any groups, causes (lost or not), dislikes belonging or taking part to anything (Heathen Harvest is the exception to this rule).
  • does not like to be labeled in any way.
  • is a rather nocturnal species.
  • reads few ineffable things apart from his studies’ stuff.
  • is interested in news, politics, art, culture, etc., in short: is interested in human beings and all what’s around, for it appears to him to be as disgusting as fascinating.
  • should not (always) be taken literally.

Russia Richter;

I'm Richter - that is Judge in German. 'Tis said "don't judge and you won't be judged either". That's crap. I love to try to define if smth is good or bad and to pronounce my sentence. This means having a great responsibility and a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. It's hard to be a Judge. And I know I lack both knowledge and wisdom, being a 21 year old student of translation (German - Russian), but I don't care. I pretend I'm presiding at a court... Heed my words of judgement!

Morocco Romain Bonilla

I am a musical enthusiast hailing from various locations, currently inhabiting the Northern African dominions of Morocco. I have been listening, thinking, and writing about music since a rather early age, and my musical horizons are pretty broad, comprising such diverse genres as black metal, neofolk, drone doom, and noise music. Not only a witness, but also a creator of music, I have been part of several bands and solo projects, many of which are inactive as of today. I am interested in a variety of other topics, such as poetry, politics, and art, and am fluent in both the English and French languages. I am also an administrator of the French speaking Wikipedia, having worked on a number of music-related articles.

Sweden Skarsnik (Skarsnik Larsen)

My name is Skarsnik, a 25 year old beast hailing from the gloomy woodlands of northern Scandinavia. I currently study in Stockholm university in order to become a master of archaological science, a study ive been persuing for 4 years now and still endure. Im a huge fan of Lovecraft and the Mythios spawned around his books as well as the mysteries of ancient religion and mysticism. My sparetime is filled to the brim with music and ive been experimenting with diffrent genres for long. Although I hail from the black metal pool ive always been an addict to all types of ambient, martial, neofolk, industrial and other types of gloomy music bathed in mystery and might. Practically everything tied to or around cold meat industries was digested and enjoyed. Im a musician and plays guitar, bass, drums, horns and sings as well as produces nd work alot around syntezisers. At the moment my own music tend to be spread amongst three diffrent projects, namely Zyclon-E, Endless Forests and Goblin Polka Band.

Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!

United Kingdom S:M:J63 (Simon Marshall-Jones)

I am a 44-year old artist, writer, satanist (yes, with a small ‘s’ – ask me about it sometime), would-be label owner (FracturedSpaces – hopefully coming soon), grumpy old bastard, married to a very understanding woman, owner of a small zoo of furry things and I am also very heavily tattooed, with my head, back, arms and chest done with more to come – a LOT more. Used to edit a fanzine called Fractured way back in the beginning of the nineties, currently my writing appears in various places around the web. I listen to most forms of underground music including the various forms of ambient, industrial/death industrial, drone, experimental, power electronics/harsh noise, neofolk, martial/martial industrial and REALLY nasty slow dooooooom metal... I also have been known to dance my ass off to psytrance. Favourite artists? Svartsinn, Nordvargr, Merzbow, Dissecting Table, R|A|A|N, Puissance, Von Thronstahl, too bloody many to mention but you get the idea..... I also like speculative and well-written science fiction, dark urban fantasy, archaeology, astronomy, exploration, travel, tattoos (no, really?), art, vintage cars & bikes and drinking Belgian beer occasionally.

I hate mediocrity, fundamentalism of whatever description, country & western, ‘pop’ bands, reality TV shows, impolite people, soap operas and those who think they’re real, snobs, people who think it’s cool to be uneducated, Star Trek and Trekkers, and those little plastic umbrellas they put in cocktail drinks...

New Zealand Symbolique (Jason Just)

Multimedia artist hailing from Wellington, New Zealand (Aotearoa). Just has been working in the dark scene in Aotearoa for well over a decade and helped co-found Mediatrix Publishing Ltd with Michel Rowland (of goth-rock band Disjecta Membra), a multimedia collective and record label in New Zealand dedicated to promoting Dark-End (as in the bottom of the earth) music, artwork, and events.

His visual work of the surreal and macabre has seen international publishing for a variety of small press horror markets like Delirium Books, Silver Lake Publishing, various literary horror and esoteric magazines, as well as for the modern horror roleplaying game, Kult, and full CD artwork for New Zealand dark electronic artists.

Currently Just is engaged in a new musical project, Distorture, experimenting with neofolk, dark ambient, noise and industrial forms in song form with the vocalist from New Zealand dark rock band, Serenna.

Just is on the board of directors for the Tehuti Research Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established by indigenous Egyptian and Egyptologist, Moustafa Gadalla, who has penned some ten books on the Animist beliefs and spirituality of the Ancient and Modern Egyptians that has been so muddied by Abrahamic and Western Academic prejudice. The TRF debunks such prejudice with facts and common sense, not with a preponderance of opinion and job-security.

Prior to joining Heathen Harvest, Just was an active music reviewer for 1 1/2 years at Aural Pressure.

Symbolique Studios is the online home for Just's visual and earlier musical work and can be found:

A website for Distorture has been established with online studio quality tracks available for download:

United Kingdom Todd Robinson

Label/distro owner and promoter hailing from the North West of England, I have been involved within extreme and experimental music in one form or another since 1999 where I enjoyed a two year stint working for the infamous metal label Earache Records. Since then I kick-started my own label Aural Addiction Recordings in 2003 which changed its name to Noizetek Recordings in 2006 putting out breakcore/gabba and noise orientated releases. Early in 2009 I passed on the reigns of Noizetek to a good friend and I am in the process of starting my new label Endtyme Records focusing on a darker and more experimental path...

I enjoy listening to a huge array of musical genres from black metal to death industrial via freeform jazz and hardcore techno, grindcore to neo folk, dark ambience to dubstep, it’s all in there...

As well as the labels I have been promoting shows since 2003 in both Edinburgh and Manchester playing host to a plethora of influential underground artists, the highlight for me was definitely putting on Whitehouse for their very last UK show in their 28 year career, very powerful stuff. Anyway I hope you enjoy my contributions to Heathen Harvest, feel free to message me and say hello at any time! - Todd Robinson

United States TraXteR (Jose Raul Chavez)

Born: Jose Raul Chavez on August 27, 1985. Mexican, of Spanish descent

Growing up in what can be considered an American Birmingham had a profound effect on me...My backyard was the great city of Vernon, California, a proverbial, yet thriving wasteland that provides much of the commerce and labor force that moves L.A. and many other surrounding communities. I guess I turned out alright; smokestacks, slaughter houses, factories, warehouses, and litter as far as the eye can see make for great ambiance to raise a kid (insert cynical laugh)... I am a firm believer that music is something sacred. It's universal, and in my opinion, the greatest form of language any living being can speak... Now let us all say nice things...

United Kingdom Unaesthetic (Adam Leigh)

Unaesthetic is a London-based graphic designer, writer and occasional musician. A lover of all things noisy and industrial for well over a decade, he now divides his time between his first love - metal-bashing second-wave industrial - and the more abstract and earsplitting manifestations of the post-industrial diaspora. He has somehow managed to write two dissertations on industrial music; the first (for a B.A. in German) a typewritten hagiography of Einstürzende Neubauten, the second (for a Graphic Design B.A.) on the use of extreme political imagery in industrial and neofolk. He occasionally DJs around London and is currently promoting and DJing at the fledgling post-industrial clubnight Tanzmuzik. He has also recently begun a power electronics/noise project called Special Victim, inspired by the child-rape-as-prime-time-entertainment television programme "Law & Order: SVU".

United States Vargr Wulf (Joseph Gates)

Joseph Gates was born from a human mother in southern Lousiana in the early part of the 1980’s. After moving to New Orleans as a teenager, he commandeered several musical projects centered there. During this time he traveled the United States as the singer of an erratically disturbed punk/noise-metal outfit monikered “The Faeries,” and was the primary force behind the gno-wave industrial group “The Black Sun.” After the events of Hurricane Katrina, Joseph spent a year in the Washington D.C. area recording with experimental jazz artist Paul Joyner, and then returned to his childhood home in rural Lousiana, where he currently resides.

Joseph’s current project, “Vargr Wulf,” debuted live in Dublin, Ireland in the summer of 2007. Since then, Joseph and his partner Vanessa have started up the tape label “VRT International” to release cassette recordings of their various projects. Future plans include delving further into writing and continuing his efforts into musical composition and improvisation. Joseph loves cats.

United States Viktorya

Viktorya has been a musician, vocalist, and artist for the past 20 years. She is a long time music fan with a wide variety of musical tastes. When not listening to music, she is either creating her own, traveling, studying foreign languages, designing jewelry, cooking or reading. Viktorya is currently creating music as the sole member of Rusalka, and also Dysania. She lives in the Southern California desert with her husband.

Russia ZG (Elena H.)

Even when none of my cells had an idea of appearing in this world,everyone around knew whom I was to become - an Engineer (and yep, I see a certain portion of unearthly beauty in, lets say, an average little cute gear), one may call it hereditary. But generally I'm some kind of a usual human being with a bit distorted mind which inevitably results in having distorted tastes - in music especially. So, shortly: music is my everything as well as taking part in lives of people I appreciate.


Guest Contributors

United States Markus Wolff  Journalist / Author / Musician

United States Shadow Weaver  Journalist

England Lee Powell  Journalist

England Troy Southgate  Author / Musician

United States Joshua Gnetzke  Author / Musician


United States Baron Samadhi von Coppockalypse, Ph.D.  Astrologist / Mystic

Poland Zortan Allie

ScotlandAlan Milne  Journalist

ScotlandKarsten Hamre  Journalist

GermanyMaNic (Maria Nicoli)  Interviewer

I was born in 1969 and have been working as an underground journalist for ages. Currently I am associate producer in several international media projects. I am based at Bremen, Germany, but travel a lot. My interest in post-industrial culture was coined in the mid-eighties and includes many artists from apocalyptic folk via dark ambient to power electronics. contact:

Australia Andreas Faust  Interviewer

United_States Empty J (Michael Thomas Jackson)  Journalist

United_Kingdom Drengskap (Simon Collins)  Journalist


Past Contributors

Erin Powell

July 2005 – February 2005

Joshua Peters

February 2005 – March 2006

Mr. Greg

March 2005 – November 2005

Craig Gidney

March 2005 – September 2005

September 2006 – November 2006

Blood Eagle

August 2006 – December 2006


July 2006 – March 2007

August 2006 May 2007

Ean Frick

October 2006 – July 2007

Quentin Kalis

January 2007 - December 2007

Jessica Koning

April 2007 - October 2007

Maria Souka

April 2007 - March 2008

Ben Conant (Gottskalk)

May 2007 - April 2008

Ivan Afanasiev

November 2007 - April 2008

Adrian Magers

December 2007 - May 2008

Prenna (Prenna Unsane)

January 2007 - May 2008


July 2007 - May 2008

Clint Listing

June 2008 - December 2008

Gorebatjov (Julian Schaap)

November 2007 - November 2008

GP (Geoff Plant)

June 2007 - August 2008

Bryan Babylon

July 2008 -December 2008


January 2008 - November 2008

Barulho (Manuel Pereira)

June 2008 - January 2009

9e9names (Igor Ivanov)

June 2008 - April 2009


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