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Heathen Harvest - Multimedia (page 4)
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The House is Black DVD

The Iranian New Wave of cinema which has slowly come to light through the work of Mohsen Makhmalbaf and the international acclaim of Abbas Kiarostami was in it’s infancy with this film, but the familiar trademarks of child-like wonder and an unflinching view of the world are present in this all-but forgotten short film. Tragically, five years later, its’ director died in a car crash as she swerved to avoid a school-bus, leaving only her poems and this short film as her legacy.

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The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore (BOOK)

The Church of Satan hardly issues books. Some of you might have read A.S. LaVey’s « The Satanic Bible ». But, it seems to me this is the first book written by P.H. Gilmore who’s currently the High Priest at the very top of the Church of Satan (CoS)1.  The goal of this review is to provide, as far as possible, the most objective yet uncompromising anaylisis of this book and of the ideology it spreads.  This book could be grosserly split it in 3 parts : 1/ reaffirmation of CoS’s basic ideology, LaVey’s fundamentals (summarized by Gilmore) ; 2/ P.H. Gilmore’s personal stances about several current topics in the form of a collection of heterogeneous articles ; 3/ some rituals written by the author and his wife, Peggy Nadramia.  The first part consists of articles collected during past years, written by P.H. Gilmore. THey reassert CoS ideology and stands as quite conservative relatively to the founder’s ideas. There aren’t many new ideas or topics.  On the second part, P.H. Gilmore actualize the Satanic view, applies it to current topics, social problems etc. On the third, he and his wife, Peggy Nadramia, developps and disclose some rituals of CoS.

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A Rózsa Énekei (Rose's Song) (FILM)

While the film is generally quite interesting, there is no major storyline, except the daily struggle of the family. No particular point is emphasized to an extent it overshadows the other points. All is in balance. But that can also be an annoyance for people that want a story with one fixed storyline. But, in my opinion, this is much better. A focus on a certain aspect has been done and overdone too many times. This film shows life, not just a small aspect thereof.

Drama / WWII

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Érzékek Iskolája (School Of Senses) (FILM)

The story is told in sort of a double-chronological way. The past and the present alternate eachother, but both do continue forward, instead of a normal present day with flashbacks from random times. In the present day, Lili lives in an apartment which is apparently owned by Naxos, a Greek who moved to Hungary. Both of Lili's legs are amputated, and it's unsure how she pays for the rent, though her awkward relationship with Naxos might be the answer to that.

Drama, Adaptation, Romance

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Vera, A Transcendental Journey Of The Soul (FILM)

“A Transcendental Journey Of The Soul” is a very suitable title for this film, its language being completely symbolic from beginning to end. In fact the title is self-explanatory, and you can watch the whole film bearing only that in mind, in order for you to understand it. It engages in a slow, cautious, tormenting and powerful narrative style, that leaves its imprint immediately on the viewer and demands attention. Mixing reality and fiction, fantasy and realism, utilizing old and well-known symbols to reach its ambiguous conclusion, it is fascinating and extremely thought-provocative.

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Michael Page - Speaking In [Severed] Tongues (BOOK)

Speaking in [Severed] Tongues is not an easy read by any stretch of the imagination. Much like his musical output Michael challenges all normal associated perceptions to produce a work that is…stunningly unique. There are no better words to describe it. I have never come across a book before that just tears up the rule book on writing conventions and spits it back in your face so effortlessly. Bewildered and awe struck I was by the temerity of the man. An act of degenerate genius even.

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To The Wolves... (FILM)

There is also the complicated polar differences between the doctor and Bruno Helden.  Whereas Bruno came from a rather wealthy family and is regarded throughout the world as "a Helden", The Doctor was apparently raised in the wild by the beasts of the forest (and has a much darker sense of death and life in general than anything you may have read in Disney's "The Jungle Book"....please get some real culture you dolts.)  This also works to explain The Doctor's affinity for blood and his need to drink it.  There were times when I wanted to see him as vampiric in nature throughout the film but this is just a consequence of being raised on such film.  As mentioned previously, there are a great many holes in this movie that are left unexplained, such as why was the doctor left in the woods to be raised?  What happened to Bruno's family to now make him alone?  What is with this half-hearted communication with the "trustees" throughout the film?  Everything about this film is left up to interpretation, and very few things are left truely answered.  The moment you think you have a grasp on the situation, something else pops to mind to completely destroy your understanding of the previous scenario.

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Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation (FILM)

Albert Fish is an in-depth documentary of events that drove Albert Fish to commit gruesome acts and violence towards children. This documentary, more so than others, goes deeper. The director/writer/producer did a fantastic job of researching Albert Fish and the crimes he committed. The presentation of this DVD and the way it goes about showing you who Albert Fish was is documented superbly. But it's also apparent that Borowski focused more on the facts of Albert Fish's murders/abductions than the re-enactments themselves. It's not that they were bad; it just makes you laugh in certain parts.

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Of Gods And Monsters (PODCAST)

During the whole episode the Voice shares his thoughts in a way that seemed to me close to one when we talk to ourselves or have a dialogue while a partner’s staying quiet. The half whispering voice (sometimes turning into whisper) with all the intonations and slight emotions gives hypnotizing effect and there were even moments when I realised that I was listening to the voice, not really to the text itself. It all sounds as a story accompinied with the musical pieces. The narration seems to have a culmination somewhere in the middle and the music that accompanies the narration becomes more and more anxious

Neofolk / Martial

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Jack Malebranche - Androphilia (BOOK)

The book is filled with many such taboo ideas that threaten to deconstruct the current Gay Rights political agenda. Though some may see this as threatening I found the idea empowering that I choose to share my flesh with men rather than being victim to some uncontrollable influence of nurture or nature that leaves one with a sense of victimization. Another revealing discussion is the idea that queer men lack respect in the eyes of their heterosexual male counterparts because they have largely abandoned the ideals and responsibilities of manhood and masculinity thus not making them men in the eyes of other men who shoulder the burden of masculinity.

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