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Heathen Harvest - Concert Reports (page 3)
   Welcome to Heathen Harvest Wednesday, October 18 2017 @ 03:13 PM PDT  
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Concert Reports
Dead Man’s Hill/Cold Flesh Colony/NDE, 10-11-2007, Breda, Netherlands

Now it isn’t exactly clear to me which act started, I believe it was Cold Flesh Colony, but why I didn’t know that becomes clear while you read this.  The sound was loud and very clear. I could feel my glass shake in my hand, due to the crumbling low bass sound. The PA system satisfied me very well and made me even more eager to finally see Dead Man’s Hill later on. But I noticed that Piette and Koen (the vocalist) couldn’t hear anything through the PA system on stage. So after about three songs, which I thought were very good, Koen and Piette walked of stage with anger on their faces. Nobody exactly knew what was going on, so we walked towards them to ask for verification. Piette, the nice guy that he is, explained me that the monitors broke this afternoon and that the stage sound was awful.

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Keltia / TAT / Arcana; 29-09-2007, Brussels, Belgium

The stage setting was very suitable to the venue’s architecture, with two formal candle holders each containing a bunch of lit white candles, giving their place afterwards to alternating blue, red and white lighting. They began with Abrakt, a song from the new album, its dynamic melody filling the room and provoking enthusiasm from the audience, which quickly silenced and gathered near the stage. The rest of the set was a mixture of older and newer songs, with the emphasis on songs with more percussion and an “oriental” touch to them, such as Wings Of Gabriel, The Ascending Of A New Dawn, Chant Of The Awakening and so on.

Neoclassical / Dark Folk

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Misery / Deine Lakaien; 04-10-2007, Tilburg, Netherlands

Deine Lakaien was about to begin. This performance should be something special, since they'd be presenting their "20 Years Of Electronic Avantgarde" release. We speculated about in what setting they'd play; a whole orchestra, half an orchestra, a chamber music alike band, or just Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov together. It turned out to be the third option with five people on stage; synth, guitar, violin, bass and vocals.

Electro / Avantgarde Classical

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Cronos; 15-09-07, Olten, Switzerland

The heat began rising, thus this was the time for a beer whose fresh bottles were served to us by a really friendly bar crew!  As Proton began its show, the main room was much more crowded. He started his performance with rather calm and soft tracks compared to what would follow. The Swiss one-man band provided noisy-maniacs with a subtle rhythmic noise mix, quickly evolving to harsher territories. The show was punctuated by breaks between tracks. Some might have disliked the fact these weren’t connected together. But, it allowed people to applause a project with good prospects!

Electro Industrial

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Summer Darkness Festival; 09/10/11/12-08-2007, Utrecht, Netherlands

The atmosphere of the festival was very relaxed, open and friendly. The occasional interaction between festival goers and Utrecht residents (or tourists, shoppers, etc) was amazing. Where we are stigmatized as depressed, black wearing, antisocial and aggressive outcasts of society, we show Utrecht every year again our diversity, friendliness and open mindedness. Sure, the guys wearing skirts will be frowned upon, especially when the skirts are thight, short, or both. Sure, everyone will be looked at shiftly by the most people, but the ones who are actually interested in us, and start a conversation, will rarely be denied a conversation. What other underground scene is so openminded, in any way. Where else can one see crossdressers expressing themselves how they want without fear? Where else can one be him/her/itself in the fullest form possible? Where else are boundaries and borders sought and broken?

Gothic Lifestyle and Music Festival

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Castlefest; 03/04/05-08-2007, Lisse, Netherlands

The already mentioned wickerwoman burning was originally a Celtic form of art, at which gifts would be burned on offering to the gods. This one was intended for Vana, the goddess of spring. The wickerwoman was quite high, well over three meter. When she burned, a huge amount of warmth met the people standing around her. It was actually so hot that the Castlefest crew decided to make everyone step two meters back, for safety measures.

Medieval festival

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Electron Festival, 07-04-2007, Geneva, Switzerland

This Electron Festival ‘07 was located through several places in the city (not far from each other). I focused on the industrial music, mostly featuring Ant-Zen favourites, apart from Otto Von Schirach (Schematic). The room was average, IMO. Some projections, lights, a stage whose size is alright for electronic performances, (maybe too small for a metal one for instance), a good bar with some polite, friendly and smiling waitresses (!), not too many people: those are good conditions. The audience didn’t consist of people from goth movement: it was far more heteroclite. It may indicate as well the potential of indus noise scene, as people’s curiosity. The atmosphere has been fine all along the performance. The room wasn’t full at all, which ensured it to be more than bearable.

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Desiderii Marginis / Geneviève Pasquier / Dogpop, 31-03-2007, Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland

Rather schizophrenic, surrealistic and weird compared to the former serious way of performing. But, the worst has been avoided: we were close to a karaoke at a moment, it seems, before the wisdom of the band members made ‘em regain their place on stage and spare us a painful moment… The rest of the night consisted in various DJs playing mostly noisy electronics ‘til the fateful hour of ~4.30 a.m., where all the survivors had to go outside to wait for their trains, this cold first morning of April.

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Laibach, 12-04-2007, Eindhoven, Netherlands

In the very calm Nippon, all kinds of Japanese characters were falling down slowly, like snow. The big red dot of the Japanese flag was burning while you heard sounds of something burning. The continuous aspect of all the visuals was the new logo, the Volk logo. This symbol was used in most flags where it was possible. Like in the American flag. No stars and stripes, but Volk logo's and strips. In Yisrael was the Jewish star sometimes not two triangles, but one Volk logo and a triangle. That kind of things

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Costes, Mr. Natural, Cock E.S.P., + More at the School for the Museum of Fine Arts; Boston, MA

Finally it came time for the man of the hour.  Performing alongside Lisou Prout, his new performance is titled 'Les Petits Oiseaux Chient' and in the words of Costes himself "is the story of an ordinary couple. They meet... they flirt... they fuck... They make a baby.  Gradually they find themselves falling into the trappings of normal existence. Working to make money becomes their new focus. As they grow weary from the struggles of life, they find solace in bizarre acts of S&M sex. Yet cruel, earthly fates conspire to keep them down. The couple must finally come to the logical conclusion of this journey, finishing in Hell."

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