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Heathen Harvest - Reviews (page 9)
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Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic Inferno - Hotter Than Inferno: Live in Sapporo 2008

Break out the electric blue kool aid and treat yourself to a journey into the far reaches of the japanese cosmos.

Acid Rock / Space Rock / Prog Rock

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Acid Mother's Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars

his album is incredibly focused, if that makes much sense to you. While it (I believe) is more or less a jam session made into a structured trio of tunes, there is a great amount of professionalism shown here. It's not just straight trips and spacey sounds, as most of the music itself is very well written. Or, in the case, probably improvised.

Psychedelic Rock

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Acitine - Phanes' Birth

The second track was equal for me to listening to own body, because all you can hear is silence and little, almost unheard noises that fill in the atmosphere during those 5 minutes and 6 seconds. It could be anything: hissing, whispering, slight deep distant growling. Overall it has something in common with noises in my head which I listen to while falling asleep in complete silence during the winter, when soft snow steals the sound of cars passing by behind the window.

Dark Ambient/Drone/Dark Glitch

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Across The Rubicon - Elegy

All the rest sounds as having been carefully arranged: samples are just the loudness required, percussions are varied and unusually rich and inovating, brutality stays united with sensitive melodies. It sounds as a soundtrack of a multi-oscarized movie, but such one has never been seen in the box office, yet... Both grandeur and decadence of a warlike "Elegy" are successfully praised to the skies by its skilled Polish creators... And these skies aren't clear but ambiguous, as on the pictures of the booklet: is it before or after the storm? Will we see the sun again? No doubt that many fans of martial music will appreciate this "Elegy". Pardon me this hasty risky forecast, but I just wouldn't be surprised at all if "Elegy" is the indus/martial highlight of this year!

Neoclassical / Martial Industrial / Ambient

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Acrybia - Death, Birth And Marriage

It's stripped down and built on a minimal foundation of looped, grating industrial samples. Surprisingly, an evocative assonance does emerge from the churning menace. If You Looking You Will Find breaks from deep, resonant fields of charged electricity and surfaces with lilting, rhythmic bells. My personal favourite, Bridal Mating, revolves around an infernal, hypnotic piano line as whistling exhalations wind and unwind within a hypnotic vortex. Invalid Core is denser and more distant, lost in the frigid depths of null space, as Abadoth moans and wails through its eight minutes forty seconds, until weaving to a close amidst high-end trilling.

Black Industrial

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Acrybia - Diabolicum Opus Act I : Death, Birth And Marriage

Truly original, truly innovative: this higly experimental music deals with electronic industrial atmospheres, on one hand quite ambient, on the other really rhythmed and slightly progressive. The sound and the arrangements are indepictably intriguing and seducing. Acrybia goes in the same direction of Ulver according to some, but without clear voices, sometimes darker, heavier. But, for instance, the atmosphere of the second track, which is wonderfully dark and ritual, might be not that far from other projects like Spektr, or vaguely recall In Slaughter Natives's

Experimental / Death Metal / Industrial

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Actus - Mandala

They don’t hesitate in introducing various keyboards, piano and chord instruments that peacefully mingle with electronic bases and atmospheres. What results is a ritual, ethnic and dark lounge music, not necessarily bright in its composition, but unlike most things I’ve heard before. The feeling the music inspires is sort of like swaying wind: notes that crash like waves without becoming aggressive they are constantly changing.

Ambient / Ethnic

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Acumen Nation - Psycho The Rapist

To make a long story short, Acumen Nation starts where NIN stops. ‘Psycho the rapist’ to me is the best release from AN thus far. The production is excellent in numerous points of view. The sound quality is very clear and even in the very loud parts every added effect can be heard as if it is happening right near me. The progressive, industrial sounds of AN mixed with the heavy pounding guitars make a great combination and especially the added beats to the base drum gives the CD a original and interesting sound. It seeds energy and aggression, which once in a while get’s set on pause by the softer ambient sounds.

Metal / Industrial / Electronical

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Ad Ombra - Rites Of Genesis (Equinox Tremendum)

The initial track, Descort, is a good piece of music to describe the album as a whole. It has softer pieces, operatic pieces and truly dramatic and heavy pieces. All these different elements are combined with great skill, and they alternate eachother really naturally. The number of instruments hearable on this release are impressive. One of my personal favorites, the harpsichord with its charismatic and very personal and peculiar sound, is used in a number of tracks. In the third track, Heart Sermons, a male choir is incorporated in the music, giving it a very neat gothic touch. But mostly, the vocals are delivered by Alexandra Damian, who is the lead mezzo-soprano on this album.

Orchestral Neoclassical

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Adrian Juarez / Leandro Barzabal - Adrian Juarez / Leandro Barzabal

There's also some elastic objects employed and it's actually pretty rudimentary work with metal wires twanged, wodden blocks dragged around and the microphone takes a beating itself. Like Juarez's track, it has the flow of an improvisation, but this one has an impeccable sense of composition that is damn impressive. The buildup of noise that gets trumped into gentle rustling in the final two minutes is brilliant.

Experimental / Electroacoustic

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