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Heathen Harvest - Reviews - the F's
   Welcome to Heathen Harvest Friday, November 17 2017 @ 08:40 PM PST  
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As a veritable hurricane of sounds surrounds the ears your gut reacts to the wails and painful vocal delivery and your blood pressure increases in tune to the music as your heart squeezes tightly into a knot. The music is as thick as tar and densely laired giving you this crushing oppressive sense of utter disillusionment and despair. After listening to I/CON you might just think those Norwegian church burning wankers had the right idea after all.

Genre: Electronics of the power variety. Put it this way…it’s not C and fucking W music.

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F/I/T/H - You Too Shall Burn

‘You too shall burn’ is the latest offering from our man about town, the Allatoyah of Industrial rock and rolla…stolen unashamedly from Mad Max 2 I have to admit, Michael Page. Ah yes…another fun filled recording to warm the cockles of the heart. Or destroy said bivalve mollusc depending on your mood when listening to it. The four tracks on this latest F/I/T/H recording, released by the ‘just keeps getting fucking better’ Nil By Mouth record label, is another grand soiree of abasement that Michael has defined and refined over the years.

Industrial / Power Electronics / Noise

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Fabio Orsi - Audio For Lovers

Audio For Lovers is a profoundly emotive double album. It sings with a pristine clarity, the musical medium transmitting feeling and atmosphere with a distilled purity.

Ambient / Electronica / Folk

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Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo & Bill Horist - Northwest Music

The repetitiveness of some of the sounds backed by an invigorating and diverse workout on the instruments used within. Track 2 ‘NW Music Pt 2’ is a 3+ minute piece that starts with a workout of beautiful guitar fretwork before introducing the vocals of Stepfania Pedretti who seems to be singing in tongues. As the piece gradually builds on this vocal incantation and stripped down simple guitar lines it suddenly explodes in a climax of feedback distortion which takes the listener completely by surprise and out of the comfort zone.

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Face of Ruin vs. Divisive Skin - Split Album

Rory Heikkila...  Do I even need to bother reviewing his side of this split?  Everything the man puts out is incredible in its unique nature.  Rory never seems satisfied with just being progressive, he's got to go full out experimental and throw everything he can get his grubby little mits on into the tracks.  It's not really fair to call this one "Rory Heikkila's Project" though.  This time he has a full band with him creating the music and it has done nothing but help thicken the sound and make his music all that more diverse, if it was even possible.  Where he found impressive musicians like this in Michigan, who the hell knows.  Knowing him, he probably summoned them from satan himself.  Summon me up a hot submissive chick while you're at it Rory.  Red hair.  In all seriousness though, Divisive Skin's side of this split is every bit as incredible as Face of Ruin's and I am absolutely blown away that I myself am surrounded by such talented musicians, being just hours away from both states in which these bands are located in.

Progressive Death Metal / Metalcore / Harsh Industrial Death Metal

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Factoria - The Longest Summer

Opening is “don’t come around here anymore” and a promising opening track for sure. Through sutile acoustic guitars and perfect beautiful vocals marks this track as one of my favorites. Coming next its “the creek runs dry” with almost the same basic structures as the last one and also some keyboards are used, giving such melancholic atmosphere to the track. The third one is called “let it run cold” through ethereal tunes and depressive guitar chords around the whole musical picture,. At moments the depressive sensations remind us to British David Tibet and his amazing act Current 93. closing are two more ones “mind to wander” and “look the other way” developing amazing, beautiful musical structures with the similar sensitive expressionism focused on both tracks. Also you can hear some viola sounds which give the music a more twisting melancholic touch.

Neo-Folk / Rock

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Falkenstein - Urdarbrunnen

Dealing with nature, mysticism and a clear medieval influx in a way that presents them as an original and highly qualified musical compendium of the newest neo-folk breed.


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Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe

Fall of the Leafe, one of Finland's most recognized and respected folk-inspired atmosphereic metal acts has returned to the scene in 2007 with Aerolithe, just 2 years after the release of their last extraordinary album Vantage.  Fall of the Leafe first saw the light of day in the small town of Uusikaupunki, Finland, where the first demo tape "Storm of the Autumnfall" was released and eventually led to a record deal with the independent record label Defiled Records.  The band's first album "Evanescent, Everfading" was also released on this label and the first edition of the album sold out nearly immediately, however, the small label was still forced to close its doors.  From here, Fall of the Leafe has seen now 5 more full-lengths on several different labels, and are still pushing strong even after losing 6 members over time, one of which twice.

Gothic Metal / Melodic Folk Metal

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Fall Weis - Fall Weis

Fall Weiss comprises of members from Stahlwerk 9, Radio Murmansk and Rasthof Dachau. Wait a minute… ‘TA DA’…two in one review. Wow this must be special. Rasthof Dachau and Stahlwerk 9. Brilliant acts. No doubts about it. Anyone into hard electronic music MUST have them in their collections.

Harsh Noise / Power Electronics

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Fallen Fortress - Earthly Purgatory Demo

Musically, I wasn't disappointed in the least.  I was actually rather amazed at the quality of the music performed.  The guitar work is immensely beautiful in a dark sense.  Fast paced, but apocalyptic in sound, it works back and forth between a steady raw black metal sound and thrashy intricate verses  The first track alone, World of Lights, is worth the entire Demo.  It features a solo and a beautiful short outro as well.

Black Metal

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