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Music News
Autumn Wind Productions
Monday, July 13 2009 @ 10:06 AM PDT
Contributed by: Paddy

Some new distro additions

  • KAZERIA  - Credo Nostrum DIGI-CD
  • OPUS NIGRAM - Journey in the Dark DIGI-CD
  • HOROLOGIUM - Le Paradis des Chasseurs DIGI-CD
  • GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - ...and should the spring come... DIGI-CD

  • 479 Items in the "SPECIALS" section now for a limited time,
    greatly reduced in price! I suppose you could consider this a sale of
    sorts....get them while they last!

  • Over 50 Items in the "USED" Section now, added a bunch of LP's and
    7"'s(New stuff and some old classic stuff) to the list and some shirts
    as well...Reduce Reuse:

    Two new releases from the AWP camp


  • ROTO VISAGE - Where The Mandrakes Grow DIGI-CD

    "Where the Mandrakes Grow" is conceptualized around autoerotic
    asphyxiation, forming an abstract narrative into a singular
    autoerotic experience. A singular moment in flux within the body. The
    sound compositions consist of consciousness cut ups - flashes of
    memory and anomalies of the moment interweaving. Dark drone and
    experimental ambience. Mastered by the legendary Robert Rich.
    Beautiful 6-panal digi-CD designed by Anastasia Sarandou limited to
    1,000 copies. Truly a great work of Dark Ambience. 64 minutes.

  • PETER J WOODS - Fairweather Mask CD

    "We tread dark waters on a day to day basis, holding ourselves up to
    a higher standard because of nothing more than pride. Our society has
    built an intricate system in which we seek out guilt, hoping to find
    some for ourselves in an effort to justify our existence. Past pains
    give us status, but we forgo the pain and jump straight to the
    romanticized ideal. Fairweather Mask explores this phenomenon,
    touching on both the forms of communication which create this system
    and the guilt that arises as well." A commanding presence from Peter
    J. woods in this theater of Noise....Power Electronic and vocal
    barrage, justification is what you seek for all the things you
    do...to yourself....Jewel Case CD limited to 1,000 copies.

    The "CASCADIAN SERIES" T-Shirts are underway with the first one
    available being a A MINORITY OF ONE, brown American Apparel T-Shirt
    in sizes S,M,L, and XL...more to follow,...See
    Here next up will be these:

  • WALDTEUFEL (In the next couple of months)

  • NOVEMTHREE (Out in the next couple of months)

            Coming out in 2009

  • KANIBA -"Death Songs" CD

  • BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY -"Eye of Waking , Eye of Dream" Double


  • A MINORITY OF ONE -"Prime" 12"LP

    ....Also, don't forget to visit the AWP Blog where I've been posting
    a lot of my recent phtography!

    Thank you for reading and take care....


    "I felt that if I wished to live and understand the meaning of life,
    I must seek it amongst....the simple, unlearned, and poor men."

    L. Tolstoy


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