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The Teratologist - Cabinet of Curiosities
Wednesday, July 15 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Cabinet of Curiosities

Artist: The Teratologist United States

Title: Cabinet of Curiosities

Label: Cathartic Process United States

Genre: Power Electronics/ Noise

01 Cabinet Of Curiosities Part One
02 Cabinet Of Curiosities Part Two

Yeah! Killer drone-noise project, black and white artwork, whips and chains kind of vibe. Mastered by J. Plotkin of Namanax, so you know it sounds good to your gentle palate. Starts with a healthy foundation of powerful bass drone, whirring Industrial turbine sounds and a distant hum that sounds like it is just behind you. The subtlety and brutality of the sounds recalls such lofty heights of genius as Black Leather Jesus. The darkness is palpable in this release, harsh corridors of doom electronics and metallic noise sound envelop the recording tape, tainting the receiving magnet on the cassette deck with foul visions. This is heavily sustained and concentrated noise/power electronics vibe, seriously the real deal. An intense amount of work and care went into cultivating these drones to make a final product that can stand up to years of repeated listening.

And that is just side A. Part II pretty much starts right where Part I lets off, but with a heavy synth element added in fairly instantly and an increase in the sinister and truly possessed heavy vibe. Somewhat akin in sound and vibe to doom groups such as Moss and Sunn, and the current resurgence of interest in doom will hopefully lead like-minded listeners to the noise underground where there are a multitude of artists working toward the goal of musical soul annihilation. Genres are not really applicable to this artist however, as The Teratologist makes music that falls squarely in the realm of art. This release comes highly recommended to fans of Hermann Nitsch's music and art, and the feeling that this evokes is similar. An uncertainty hovering over evisceration and violence in a beautiful void of nature, the sound on this release evades easy classification. Instead it directly engages and invites the listener to participate in the ritual, the passage of time, the minutes closer to death spent listening to the cassette travel.

By the end of the thing you can hear the sound of your own bones creaking as you rot. The Teratologist comes to collect the specimen, and with forceps in hand starts to dismember the subject piece by piece. By the end there is nothing left on the surgeon's table except for pools of human blood. His jars are carefully sealed and labeled, and the refuse bin overflows with the detritus left over. This is it.


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