The Eastern Front

Thursday, July 09 2009 @ 07:28 PM PDT

Contributed by: Paddy

The Eastern Front is glad to announce: 3 new albums out now!

Tony Wakeford—Not All Of Me Will Die CD
Latest (2008) solo album of Tony Wakeford.
Front 023, jewel case, 1000 copies

Gregorio Bardini and Thierry Jolif—Kantalon CD
Traditional songs from Bretagne, played and rearranged.
Folk 002, 6 page laminated fold, 500 copies

Agnivolok and Chaos As Shelter—Henbane CD
The very early Agnivolok and Chaos As Shelter recordings, released officialy for the first time
Front 024, jewel case, 1000 copies

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