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Various Artists - Tarot Series X: The Wheel Of Fortune
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: TraXteR

Tarot Series X: The Wheel Of Fortune

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Tarot Series X: The Wheel Of Fortune

Label: Invisible Eye Productions Italy

Genre: Neo-Classical/ Noise


01 First Human Ferro - Sphinx The Perched part 1
02 Nagrinðr - Sub Mors Alarum
03 Stuzha - City That Turned By Wind

HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH! Wow... Before I get into my now trademark mysticism brought about by this series, let me just shout to the heavens how impressed I am with the first two tracks on this single. Hallelujah is correct my Heathen friends! No, I'm no Jesus freak, but if you wanna get biblical, go experience these tracks for yourselves. I shall explain in a minute, but first... The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most favorable and special cards of the Major Arcana. As the tenth card, the number manifests itself very forcefully in the energy emanating from it. This is the simultaneous closing and renewal of cycles, with the circle being among the oldest of symbols of Time, rebirth, and eternity. More ancient incarnations of these concepts include the Buddhist Wheel of Life, the various assortments of Mandalas out of Vedic and Hindu cultures, and the simplest, but equally effective and timeless, the Ouroboros, the snake consuming its own tail. These circular figures designate a begining as well as a termination, life and death, but the Wheel of Fortune comes to us when we have completed some phase of our lives, and is signaling that we are about to start anew. As a reward, fate is on your side and provides you with the positive forces you will need to begin successfully on your new path. In the Rider-Waite deck, The Wheel is one of the cards with the most symbolism sewn into it, having representations of the four elements, as well as the astrological signs under which the seasons initiate and are celebrated, various Hebrew letters that can also be found in The Tree Of Life (which parallels the Major Arcana), and of course, The Sphinx, keeper of the secrets of Time.     
"Sphinx The Perched" has to be the most exquisite written song of the Series so far. I was apprehensive when it came time to list the genres to  these as Neo-Classical. I wanted to say something like "Antiquated Film Score", but it might confuse some. I can't help but be reminded of pictures like "Ben Herr" or "Exodus" when I listen to this track. The sounds are exclusively organic, no noise or synth or anything of that quality, but a stunning, majestic arrangement of various layers of different strings, wind instruments, and an organ playing the main melody passage with what sounds like a section of oboes. It has a terrific Egyptian flavor to it, as the scales it is composed of are very much like the Middle Eastern ones used in "Exodus". It would be worthwhile to purchase this single for that track alone, but "Sub Mors Alarum" or "Where I Shall Descend" is just as gorgeous. This one is not as elaborate as "Sphinx...", but is made from equally expressive and diverse strings, gong strikes, horns, and even some reverberant, glistening synth. Both these songs conjure dramatic images of times gone by, and are a fantastic soundtrack for ones who want to feel a strong determination on a new path.

"City That Turned By Wind" represents the more ambient side of the single, and it is awesome to think that it is a continuation of the desert theme that seems to dominate this single. But it is a noisy ambiance, being mostly slow, distorted wind sweeps, beginning with what sounds like a door opening, steps being taken, and a walk through what could be a sandstorm. Slowly, a vague music tries to come through, only to be swallowed more than once by the storm around it.

It has been said that the earliest form of Cartomancy was developed in ancient Egypt, and when you listen to this release, you might start to believe it is true. This certainly is one of, if not THE main theme of the tracks, this Egyptian sense of wonder. Astounding is just one word for The Wheel Of Fortune. I promise you!


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