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Various Artists - Tarot Series IX: The Hermit
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: TraXteR

Tarot Series IX: The Hermit

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Tarot Series IX: The Hermit

Label: Invisible Eye Productions Italy

Genre: Gothic/ Ambient/ Drone

Track Listing:

01 Persona - Le Chemine De L'Hermite
02 Immundus - The Hermit
03 GRIST - The Hermit

If The Emperor is the father figure in the Tarot, with his strict discipline and just rule, then surely The Hermit can be considered the grandfather in the Tarot. The Hermit is reflective in some ways of one of the greatest of spiritual leaders, Siddhartha Gautama, more famously known as Buddha. The ninth figure is a lone being, devoid of material possessions, but his grandest treasure is the vast knowledge and wisdom he has accumulated over his long lifetime. He has no permanent home, but wanders around following a Karmic path that eventually leads him to you when you need him the most. When he does appear, he is in charge of giving you only the soundest advice, counseling prudently just as you are about to embark on one of your most important of journeys, or when you are initiating a long planned and essential endeavor. He is a Holy Guide, a kind and comforting essence that is there to light your path with the lamp he carries, which might as well be the purest light the Cosmos has to offer.

My own father was designated a Hermit when he entered this plane of existence, but since His passing at the young age of eighteen, just a couple of months before I was born, He has been guiding me from within. I have been told that I had been carrying Him with me since my birth, that He had reincarnated, so to speak, through me, to literally steer me to where I need to go. Many folks go through life being told they have an "old soul"; I can say I comprehend this in a different way. Having slowly discovered all this and much more, I decided to pay homage to my Dad with my Industrial project by combining who He is and who I am with regard to the laws of the Tarot, REX being my representative soul card, and THE NINTH being His... Words can barely express the gratitude I feel to have the privilege of giving you the reader the best insight I can into this single. The Hermit is the Tarot's equivalent of a guardian angel, but based on my experiences, he is just so much more.

I have to thank each and every one of the artists included here because you guys took this so seriously. Your work here is inspiring not only because of the highly creative quality it was forged with, but because it is clear that you understand The Hermit well... A Gregorian-style choir leads the way with Persona's cathedral-in-a-song track, its name translating to "The Path Of The Hermit". This song is literally a whole church within itself, as it has all musical elements Catholicism has combined across the centuries as a sort of trademark for worship: a very masculine, echoing choir, ominous bells, a pipe organ, and even some heavy Celtic drumming, complete with tambourine overtones. All topped off with a beautiful french female voice.

The next piece has to be up there with the other top tracks of the entire Series. Named after the subject of tribute, Immundus has created a work that lets you vividly see a kindly ancient face smiling at you as you walk side by side through an imposing wooded stretch of land, feeling a safety you might only have experienced as a child. The track is almost like a precursor to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" because it has a sound similar to the organ-flute played by John Paul Jones. This floats on a sympathetic melody of a lower octave, as this sad but also joyous playing is made into even more of a Renaissance affair with its minimal use of a bass drum, which helps give the track so much more character and dramaticism by coming in after a slight break section of silence, meeting back with the melody, only this time the flute sound has an expanded sound characteristic to it, only slightly more synthesized, but so much more wonderful.

The finale is another work of the same name as the last, a droning piece very much like Instant Movie Combinations' track "Cranes", which is part of his album "Shipyard". Yet what sets this track apart is the opening element, a great representation of a wandering man because it is made to sound like footsteps on a gravel-paved road. A bass-heavy hum is placed in toward the end of the sequence.

The number Nine is a very powerful one, having compounded all the strength and energy of the numbers that proceeded it, and this is exactly why the laws of synchronicity have placed the wisest figure in the given position. All cards with their respective figures that come after The Hermit are conceptual, even the Hanged Man, who is more indicative of the position he is in as he patiently waits to be let down. No one card that follows has a proper noun denoting what he/she does like Priestess, Pope, Fool, or Emperor. The Devil? He is a mere personification of what he represents... Nine is the end of a cycle. This is why The Hermit comes to join you when he does, to combine your energy with his, and help with the completion of your goals. Heed Him well.


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