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IP Neva - Symbiosis of Contradictions
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper

Symbiosis of Contradictions

Artist: IP Neva Russia

Title: Symbiosis of Contradictions

Label: Impulsive Art Greece

Genre: IDM / Industrial / Ambient / Glitch

Track Listing:

01 Correction
02 U-boat performance
03 The Process
04 Constellation of war
05 Full Moon
06 Radiation Field
07 Whether in Numbers
08 Meteoric Rain
09 Calm after the storm
10 U-boat performance (Remix)
11 Correction -Failed- (remix)

A new label has born and with it a new project with high possibilities to reach the quarrelled stardom from IDM, or at the very least to impress more than one personality around. It is the Russian band Ip Neva main project from the sound navigator Ivan Proskurin released by the recently flourished Greek label Impulsive Art. “Symbiosis of contradictions” compromise different compositional elements in order to sum up its style and sonic reference. A coexistence based on organic sounds and electric textures with an advanced mobility established by the dynamism from IDM logics. Not utterly robotic or abstract, the work tries to begin an approach with the listener with a series of distinctive ambiences, vivid glitch particles dancing in a magnetically charged density, somber layers and surprising instrumental apparitions. All in all, something very different and peculiar in a scene where all the possibilities are open to explore but that most composers are scared to trespass. Ip Neva is an adventurer and he has found the door that reach to his own conception and that gently provokes our imaginary with its beauty.

A trial for a winding path, filled with intricate collages drawn in organically based glitch miniatures that contrast with walls of somber texture and serious tonality will demark the general line for the body work. Glitch remains as an additive more than a proper central element where efficient organic layers will let the listener to transit peacefully. One of the highlights from the album resides in the sophisticated and rarity of the glitch effects, the author claims that he searches for sounds found in nature and electricity, perhaps this aspect is the reason on why the glitch miniatures sound so utterly elastic and defined, almost like tiny living entities wandering in the organic tapestry of luscious ambience. Then comes the introduction of some Neo-folk structure through the implementation of an acoustic guitar, some feedback play synthesized and other instrumental effects that permeates the work with a feeling of warm and a tone of melancholy. All the variety and charm from this debut album is specially appreciable on the track “Constellation of war” where elements of glitch, atmosphere and organic effects participate as accompaniments from the acoustic guitar play charged with feeling, melancholy and apocalypse takes a hold in an amalgam of Neo-folky guitar arrangements. Very adventurous track! As a generality the author opts for a collage type of composition, where all elements conforms a vaporous structure during each track but presenting different textures and elemental incidences giving a voluptuous sound to the work.

For example, the work commences with microscopic bleeps of electricity joined by a contrasting somber layers, synthesized guitar feedback and mini breaks to then proceed to the following track “U-boat performance”, an organic display of varied sounds, from a bomb raid alarm sounding to some opiate rhythmic dispersion and incredible amounts of glitch filigree. “The process is a balsam of ethereal layers crowned by a myriad of clicks, all with a different personality. “Whether in numbers” returns to the acoustic guitar temporized by an industrial rhythm underlined by an atmosphere of light and shade. “Call after the storm” is a piece of tension with somber paintbrushes. A set of obscured drones and frequencies fabricate a tapestry of spatial vistas and transcendental movements. In here the instruments, seemingly an organ and a guitar has been distorted to the point where they are almost unrecognizable, but as product from this and the structure they create is supremely interesting and attractive. The only two tracks that takes distance from the somehow mid paced mood of the album is the remix made by Mobthrow and “Meteoric rain” that present a tantalizing sequence of crazy breaks, melancholic piano notes juxtaposed to layers of organic textures.

This is a rather dissimilar and unique IDM presentation, the dedication given to detail and the introduction of melodies through acoustic work, the originality displayed in the meticulous picking of aural substances to adorn the glitch movements, the magnetism spread by the synth layers etc, gives to Ip Neva a nomination as a very special band that truly follows a path of its own. The touch of humanity that this work comes with overcomes by far many other presentations, not only in quality but in originality and attractiveness. Excellent effort, a must listen!


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