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Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper

He Who Shall Not Bleed

Artist: Dimension Zero Sweden

Title: He Who Shall Not Bleed

Label: Candlelight Records United Kingdom

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal

Track Listing:

01 He Who Shall Not Bleed
02 Unto Others
03 A Paler Shade of White (A Darker Side of Black)
04 Hell Is Within
05 Red Dead Heat
06 I Can Hear the Dark
07 Going Deep
08 Is
09 Deny
10 The Was
11 Way to Shine

Dimension Zero establishes as a super band, their body parts are each overly talented and famous, all the bands from where the members come from are legends in a diverse genres, and for attesting this fact just check the payroll condensed in this album: Guitarist Jester Strombald machine gun master from In flames, Daniel Antonsson shrapnel expert from Soilwork, additionally featuring ex Marduk’s artillery craftsmanship Jocke and none other than Jeff Waters Aka Annihilator as a special guest administering some additional guitar inversion. Their fourth album constitutes an angular piece of evolving musical mastership that fortunately escapes the malaise from the metal core that most bands are falling into these days. “He who shall not bleed” compensates the solid, overly rhythmical sliding sledges from Thrash but administers the course from them mainly composed by drums and rhythmic guitar rush with overly melodic archetypes of guitar fury in a constant display of progressiveness. This album is the epitome of grace and aggression combined with a subtle touch of instrumental highness. High quality songwriting comprised in a fast paced selection of eleven songs that ram roughly thirty five minutes. You’ll never get so much in so little.

What we have in here is a progression of melodic Death metal with hints of “Gothenburg” arrangements intersecting efficient Thrash metal rhythmic combos and filled with extremely harmonious yet distinctive ferocity. Velocity becomes a special ingredient to set the relentless attack resumed in the vertiginous direction conceptualized in the album and this one of the principal characteristics that has generally defined Dimension Zero but now joined with additional dedication on the melodic lines. “He who shall not bleed” plays with a basic Thrash metal structure referenced from the old school, presented as a good compact set of slicing Gothenburg riffs forming catchy sequences generally commanded by Antonsson with expertise. Drummer Nilsson follows him but the typical Thrash metal blast will constitute his main compliment, an aspect which in general doesn’t really demands much on him during the work. Strombald is at charge of the harmonic baits used to accompany the rest of the structure generally displayed at an insane speed and adjusted in a very bright scale that generally contrasts with the low toned vibration coming from the rhythmic lines. The achieved transitions between rhythmic and melodic sections are overly crafted, consolidating a single compact flow of sound that bash away with its massiveness and never deludes the listener with an absence of strength. This is another aspect that grants notoriety for this album. The final mastering and mix production presents a huge pounding sonority that equalizes all instruments into one single entity while leaving the space for discernable accents and subtle qualities. Rhythmic guitar lines are typically obscured in tone and dense while the melodic section remains high pitched, establishing the typical contrast that allows the appreciation of their qualities and asserted synchronies. The drum section appears compacted between the two distributing perfectly the thrashy blasts in eloquent mobility. Third aspect that needs to be highlighted is the compositional dedication given to the harmonies; the guitars are simply astonishing by delivering their mutual combos, setting an intertwined cadence of perfected synchrony and smashing everything in its path.

The terminal speed put into the arrangements doesn’t really let to appreciate the perfect filigree of melodical purity but there is songs that evidence more this characteristics for a while. “Way to shine” could be named as an example on this, practically a miniature of acoustic furies romping through the blast beats, but with enough articulation and sufficient tempo to be detailed. The remake of “Stayin’ Alive” from the Bee Gees is an unrecognizable re-version with such an asserted result, electrifying and brutal to say the least and utterly funny without lacking the seriousness it does posses. As highlights from the album there is “Unto ashes” that combine the power from the melodic hooks with the murdering ram from the rhythmic section and a crushing wolf like roar adhered to the chorus line. Or there is another exemplar of condensed violence and intelligent harmonies that coexist in “I can hear the dark” additionally expressing overly intrepid rhythmic changes. And finally there is “Is” a classic Thrash metal storm adorned in Gothenburg gravitations.  “He who shall not bleed” stays as a must for the adorers of melodic Death metal with more than an incidence for bonfires and total destruction. “He who shall not bleed” indeed, only you’ll do!


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