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Whisper of Tears - Lost Dreams
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper

Lost Dreams

Artist: Whisper of Tears China

Title: Lost Dreams

Label: Midnight Productions China

Genre: Neoclassical / Ethereal Gothic / Medieval / Martial

Track Listing:

01 Sorrow
02 The lost dream
03 Wandering alone
04 To the other world
05 Fragment I
06 Dreams of thee
07 I arise from the dreams of thee
08 Night’s journey
09 Fragment II
10 Restless soul
11 Memories
12 Yearning
13 Sorrow (Reprise)

China has remained millennially a mystery to the West, all their secrets and complex insights on life, their advanced spiritual philosophy that permeates all their cultural manifestations, the meticulousness with detail or the experience itemization; all those characteristics still remain obscure and mainly as other’s people choices for us, it is very few what we really know from them even today. In this sense the effort made by Chinese label Midnight Productions is just immense. As they are opening the doors for a numerous amount of underground bands to show their talents and above all to reveal a lot more about their culture and world syncretism through their aural visions. As Schopenhauer exposed in “Music as the world” where he cleverly puts that music is a passage to the most compelling and complex art  manifestation, an art that does not precise real world phenomena to be created and indeed still capable to create the world around it. From this we can have the guarantee that at least more than a mere hint on the cultural whereabouts and imaginaries from China will be present by listening this representative unit from their underground music, a type of music that is nevertheless more close to the spirit and legitimate form of human manifestations.

Whisper of tears is a one girl’s band lead by Lamia which according to the Greco-Latin mythology was some sort of vampyress who detested children and lived in isolation, also comparable with Lilith in the Hebrew tradition. Lamia lives in Guangzhou and executes a dedicated passion for romanticism that is patently appreciated in her project with this debut album called “Lost dreams”. Elements of Baroque, Gothic and Medieval music appears through the work, represented both instrumentally and compositionally, exalting this archetypical spirit of classic Romanticism from the 18th century with a marked cadence from Ethereal music. Scents of magic and mystery float in the accented atmospheric leanings from the album and lead the listener in a placid pool of spleen moods and infinite melancholy. Although we can recognize the Western ideals from Romanticism present in the composition, the listener will find a definable Asiatic feeling in the pieces, recognized in the melodrama infused in some pieces and the decided subtlety from the arrangements, summing delicacy and detail with the fine gracefulness of a dreamy instrumentation. Not everything is sweetness though; the work presents a sombre view, marked by a sense of mystery and tragedy amidst the fumes of ethereal melancholy. Solidly based in instrumental arrangements that will represent a clear atmospheric direction during the whole work, a touch of Gothic phantasmagorias and mysterious Baroque lines configure a defined aquarelle of foggy landscapes, languid vistas illuminated by pale sky dominated by a dying moon reflecting her rays upon transparent spectral apparitions. The only divergence from the instrumental current appears on “I arise from dreams of thee” (currently an adaptation on a poem by Percy Shelly), the voice delivery is a display of splendorous amplitude, preserving the necessary delicacy and beauty from the work line.

Although there are a great variety of instruments used, the work centres its effort in the use of a delicate Xylophone, an instrumental apparition that will be predominantly present through most of the tracks, generally establishing a delicate cadence and ethereal constitution then a Violin, Cello and a eerie Harpsichord (Reminiscent of Haendel) that will sort fragile melodic arrangements around this peaceful snow like rhythm disposed by the Xylophone. To strengthen all these fibres a touch of martiality is aggregated which establishes a variant of energy and a feeling of assurance that reaffirms the Asiatic tone before described. Philosophically this could represent the acceptance of tragedy as a symptom of life that must be faced with proudness and certainty, a character present in Asiatic culture. The entire work exhibit a marvellous evocation of a breathtaking beauty, sentencing the maxim that everything that is beautiful makes us feel mortal and vividly personifies death as an evident presence. Melody portrays a decided role to implement the magic this work distils, the instrumental delicacy and fragile manoeuvres of the arrangements seduce the listener in the mortal embrace of a siren call, the darkness of the night with the weak light above things personifies the spirit of this album. This is very emotional romantic music, where subtleties and delicacies abounds sifted with a touch of virile charm coming from the martial tone given, a whole aural construction that will endure as a clear manifest that the soul of music, the spirit of romanticism and the determination of an artist can narrow bonds with other people around the world. Music as the world, the world as music, “Lost dreams” is darkness illuminating with enough light the paths of wandering souls. Very recommended!


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