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UberByte - [DOS]
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jack The Ripper


Artist: UberByte United Kingdom

Title: [DOS]

Label: Crunch Pod Media United States

Genre: Electro / EBM / Industrial

Track Listing:

01 Under The Cross
02 Say What??
03 The Gift
04 Dissect
05 Industrial Bitch
06 Soma
07 Reon
08 Rewind
09 Last Human
10 Time And Paper
11 [Let's Put The Fun In] Fundamentalist
12 Ich Will Tanzen

UberByte arrived to this world kicking and screaming for attention and they got it immediately with the last year release “Sic” which received good criticism and equally excellent commercial dividends. 2009 will represent a slightly different direction, still preserving their dancefloor tactics but adding a more aggressive and darker influx with the newcomer album we got in here: “[Dos]”. UberByte history is quite emotive, born from the ashes of the famous batcave electro weirdo Goth rock ensemble Killing miranda, this demise allowed Richard Pyne now “Uberman” in this new electronic incarnation to bring a pinch of dementia into the dancefloor with his malformed brain child UberByte. Since their apparition they have been extensively touring with veteran acts in the Darkwave, Industrial, Electro scene such as Die Krupps, Hocico, Combichrist, Cruxshadows and Grendel among others and several famous compilations that expanded the knowledge of their existence into the audience which have allowed them to gain recognition and praise in the world scene. Less traditional and more futurist the band steps into the new generation of solid Dark Electro showing teeth and spurting rage with every beat while leaving space for interesting . The american based Crunch pod accredits their quality for sure!

Ok, UberByte stamps the foot firmly once they take in that’s for sure, there is no act of mercy upon the listener/dancer with their music, with just few exceptions granted for more peaceful tracks understood as  mediums to alternate their furious pushing beat sequencing with peaks of calmed illumination. The amalgam of diverse sonic foundations inside “[Dos]” is vast and presents the band as a representative of the new school Electro evidently. Diverse anomalies not seen before such as Tribal rhythms, distorted rhythmic sequences more familiar with the rhythmic noise genre, disruptive samplers with cinematic roots and darkly atmospheres represent a distance from old purveyors from the genre, without mentioning the radical estrangement taken from the now typical presentation of harsh vocals distorted by microphone! Rather they use the power of their own deranged vocal chords to explicitly expel their fury in a very punky attitude Aside from these characteristics they still manage to preserve the foundations from the genre in simple terms following certain traditions such as the characteristic melodic bends, some reminiscent from And One, the mobile dance floor direction from the rhythmic core section, speeding mercilessly amongst a variety of other rhythmic effects addendums, moved melodic lines and a hint of atmospherics, focused entirely to be a heavy hitter for the dancers and the club chart. So in a way, the difference is established by an intelligent use of new additions and not so obvious worshiping of simple design for dance music. This produces as effect that the dark and rough side from Electro is pronounced in their own re-interpretation of the genre, suiting more for a more involving musical experience.

“Aeon” represents the synthesis and promise of all what UberByte is betting to be. A frenzied fuck beat charge with the best syncopated dance patterns from rhythmic noise all blended with tribal accompaniments and a pronounced dark electro synth hooks, additionally a heretic exposure on the additional samplers synchronized perfectly as monotonic Cthulu chants, this song alone is the greatest achievement of the whole album. Or the additional exemplar on similar grounds from the opener track “Under the cross”, bringing a classic progressive maelstrom of analog melodies with a groovy twist deformation accompanied by rabid blasphemous lyrics and piercing bass lines. “Lets put the fun in fun” marches over similar grounds with a clever addition of tasty samplers with a political/religious edge and addictive rhythmic sections. “Time and paper” for example, shows UberByte experiencing the furore from rhythmic noise in their own terms, speeding like freaks with an overcharged sonority intended to blow ears and create a hell of dancing legs. More classic electro school and perhaps a less edgy are tracks like: “The gift” that brings Uberman performing a crazy quasi monologue lullaby a la Marilyn Manson singed in between obscured groovy analog sequences. Or the Synth-Bass driven and lacking vocals represented in “Dissect”, perhaps one of the calmer tracks from the whole record. “Say what” that sounds like a super Nintendo based sequence burning its memory card with a new generation memory accelerator. Or the ever demanding sonic eagerness coming from “Industrial bitch” that lies somewhere nearby crystal meth overdosed Industrial/EBM rhythms and female erotic exhilaration on the vocal section, reminding a bit of the dirtier moments from Genitorturers with space for electro hooks that grant a hit status. Finally there is “Rewind” that has that slow paced, flattened kind of synth that reminds of the melodic lines of And One and pays homage to them by synchronizing their influence with the virulent ways of our times. Tongue in cheekness has never been so utterly serious before.

In spite of being electro, it sounds incredibly fresh, modernized, pushing with violence the mass towards the abysm that opens on the dance floor, different from the rest, taking the world as storm, UberByte clearly wants to create a name of its own, an identifiable character from the new scene adding a heart jamb that revitalizes the overly clichéd traditionalisms within the genre, distancing from old sound paradigms. Taking the best from the old school and cleverly mixing with new ideas, UberByte truly redesigns Electro EBM with modern style, renewed energy and improving rhythmic dynamics, cleaning the genre of what is unnecessary and adapting for future ruminations. This album represents a portion of fresh air not only as a sure hit for the dance floor charts but for the lovers of good electro with well distributed ideas from well disposed electronic brains.


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