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No Context - Lines to Follow Colour Changes in Leaves
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Lines to Follow Colour Changes in Leaves

Artist: No Context United Kingdom

Title: Lines to Follow Colour Changes in Leaves

Label: ContraMusikProduktion Germany

Genre:  Electroacoustic / Improvised Noise / Drone Ambient

01 At a Silent Loading Station
02 Knew the Woes of my Fall
03 It still Hums
04 By the Use of Abandoned Shells
05 Arriving at the Outlying Houses
06 Black Mud where the Forests Begin
07 By Way of a Spiral Staircase
08 Where People with Dogs Meet
09 The Light that Came from Across the Sea
10 I was Hiding in a Tunnel

No Context is an electronics improvisation trio of musician from the United Kingdom specializing in drone ambient, microsound, and homemade electronic instruments/devices.  With such beautiful glossy artwork and album / track titles, one would assume this music had some sort of neoclassical / ethereal textures to it, but where it lacks in composition and musicianship on those levels, it gains in its sheer vibrancy and professionalism in which the compositions are performed.  The project also strangely prefers to follow the traditional track-by-track method of composition rather than create one or two long tracks like most drone artists.  The album does, however, flow as if it is one track, which is admirable and does make sense given the nature of the album title in general.  We're watching color change and fade from green to red to brown to nonexistence.  Its a beautiful, yet strangely artistic decay.

There are some excellent points to this album including the points of diversity that come with each track.  Each track seems to have a swell, or a climax as it were, of sound.  Where all intervals meet and fluxuate to a certain point in the improvisation.  Its where all three member catch up with one another and meet for a strong effort.  We find ourselves wandering through forests of electronic sound, gentle chirps in the electronics as if birds were still desperately clinging to Summer.  Low drones keep the seasons moving though and they're forced to leave when the spherical interludes of Arriving at the Outlying Houses tolls its bell.  This may be the most foreboding track on the album and as it arrives, it seems to whisk life and beauty away with it like the first heavy Winter snowfall.  But with it comes a new kind of beauty, an aesthetic that the morbid may see in death, of endless blue-tinted white and the brown chalk of barren trees. 

Typically, on a level of improvisation, to be blunt, most bands fail.  Miserably.  Solo artists can pull it off quite well, but when you throw multiple people into the mix, its often a disasterpiece.  However, No Context pulls it off at such great heights that it may renew vigor for an old improvising musician who has lost his faith in the genre.  Lines to Follow Colour Changesi n Leaves is a rather spontaneous and incredible feat in music, something seldom heard outside of labels like Last Visible Dog.  By no means should you be expecting to experience melody or rhythm, as neither are found here in any abundant amount, but kick back and enjoy this release for what it is, and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised.  Lines to Follow Colour Changes in Leaves comes packaged strangely with an A5 glossy sized card with a glued button on back for securing the CD, with a smaller card to go in front of the CD with additional information, all snuggly fitting inside a plastic sleeve.


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