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Emilie Autumn - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Bohemian Rhapsody
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: isis

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Bohemian Rhapsody

Artist: Emilie Autumn United States

Title: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun & Bohemian Rhapsody

Label: Trisol / Iceflower Germany

Genre: Cabaret/ Electronic/ Gothic Rock

Track Listing:

01 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
02 Bohemian Rhapsody
03 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Harpsichord Rendezvous)
04 Asleep (Live)
05 Mad Girl (Live)
06 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Emilie Autumn Teatime Edit)
07 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Inkydust Edit)
08 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Asylum Edit)
09 Untitled

If there is one thing about Emilie Autumn that really catches me, it’s her voice. Sure, she’s a talented musician and an incredibly imaginative composer, never minding style barriers and pre-established norms. For that matter, I am even more surprised about her sudden desire to make a version record. ‘Girls just wanna have fun / Bohemian rhapsody’ is that. An EP where Emilie Autumn takes on the Cindy Lauper and Queen songs in her own view. And, frankly, I understand the fact that musicians enjoy covers. Don’t we all sing in the shower? We all love humming, whistling and singing some of your favorite songs out loud… or any of the tunes that get stuck into our heads. But how many covers have you ever heard that better the original, or simply keep it up to the real song’s level? Maybe with oldies, when everyone was crooning everyone else’s song it was actually part of the beauty of a song in itself to be sung by Ella, Billie and Nina; like a grand damsel checking her beauty in the mirror with a new dress every evening….

So ‘Girls just wanna have fun / Bohemian rhapsody’ in my humble opinion, really has nothing too interesting to offer. The inclusion of your typical circus melody in the center of ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ and the crazy harpsichord in the rendezvous version could be mentioned, although the elimination of the original base and beat I think takes away more than it has to offer. The teatime Remix is definitely oriented to dark alternative dancefloors (and I’d be willing to bet a lot that it will for sure be played a lot more often in the US that in Europe). Inkydust try a harsher instrumentation,  that ends up being swallowed in the background behind the voice line. The Fire try to bring out the rock side of the song. The only surprise I got from here was the underlining of the violin.

The EP also counts with two live versions. ‘Asleep’ and ‘Mad Girl’ come one after the other, as I imagine it was recorded in the concert, since they are practically connected. And, actually, the Smiths version is probably the one I like the best. Mainly because she keeps it simple, giving the main spotlight to the melody in a very Morriseyesque way, keeping the sound simple and lyrical. To close, ‘Gentlemen aren’t nice’, a cabaret-like tune from the wilder and stronger Emilie Autumn that has managed to astound so many. Let’s keep it down, original and naughty.


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