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Haemorrhaging Fetus - Procreation: A Disease / Tangled Desires
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Perceptron

Procreation: A Disease / Tangled Desires

Artist: Haemorrhaging Fetus United States

Title: Procreation: A Disease / Tangled Desires

Label: Scratch & Sniff Entertainment/ Gaping Hole United States

Genre: Experimental / Noise

Track Listing:

Side A: 

01 Cankered Womb
02 Stillborn

Side B:
03 Tangled Desires

Haemorrhaging Fetus's album consists in a LP issued on 2008 on Gaping Hole records. It's actually a reissue of 250 copies of two former cassettes on the same label. According to the label, this band is inspired from classic acts such as OVMV ad Incapacitants, and may be compared to more recent others such as The Cherry Point and The Rita.

« Cankered Womb » directly begins and sets the definition of this LP. Music may be described as a rather thick layer of distorted sounds together with deformed sounds, metallic gratings. The structure is devoid of rhythm, patterns or breaks. Slight variations occur in the distortion of sounds, especially in the higher frequencies, which may seem quite random. There's no global progression of the track in terms of change in loudness or  main sound layers. Between left and right speaker, one can find differences in sounds and evolutions but no play with stereo effect.

Slight interruptions and brief very high-pitched sounds signal the end of the track.
In the beginning as well as in the end of this first track, more spontaneous variations may be heard when it comes to noises. « Stillborn » features lower sounds, highly distorted, with a slow evolution of low sounds. Distant voice-like sounds may be heard as well as explosions like noises, all correctly deformed.

« Tangled Desires » features sligntly higher-pitched sounds. Irregular stretches of the sound occur randomly, together with more melodic/metallic irruptions. Sounds appear, often on one side only. A slight progression in terms of sound's main high-pitched features may be noted: they're as crushed and get less abrasive. Higher-pitched aggressions are found further in the track, together with more lively parts in terms of modifications. Lower sounds and lower main layers tend to appear throughout the track, setting some kind of evolution.

The sound is a bit disappointing. The listeners may not feel dominated by sound or amazed by  many fineries. The noise aggression is present, of course, but the constant variations around the same noises and themes make the music rather predictable, which isn't exciting. This is especially the case when a no specific atmosphere is developped.

Sounds textures remain quite interesting, but they seem rather thin. The variations often are sequential and occuring only in one layer at a time, which makes it quite simple.

Globally, we may regret the lack of aggressiveness and the relative monotony of this reissue. It doesn't make Haemorrhaging Fetus bad. But, it's clearly not a sign of innovation.


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