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Eldar - Solve Et Coagula
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Perceptron

Solve Et Coagula

Artist: Eldar Spain

Title: Solve Et Coagula

Label: SkullLine Germany

Genre: Martial /Electronic / Non-Music

Track Listing:

01 Tagotis Ilia
02 Baraeco Sin
03 Saur Vul
04 Yaincoa Flintz
05 Endouelico Nebo
06 Dibus Deabus
07 Carino Apsu
08 Vagadonnaego Adar
09 Oiso Kutur
10 Frouida Ana

Eldar is the Spanish musical project of Marc Merinee and Merce Spica, apart from other contributors. It has been signed on the SkullLine mailorder, that has become a label, as a limited CD-R. As this review is a bit late, the band has issued a new album in 2009, entitled “Sapere Aude”, rather seductive one.

The band is not new and it's discography expands from 2004 to the present year. And after two releases issued on SkullLine Records, the latest has been issued on the famous Cold Meat Industry, as a proof of the lively and growing interest around this band.

“Tagotis Ilia” consists in an ambient track with a slow evolution to dissonance, dealing with dark and anxious feelings. We can feel some historical atmosphere thanks to distant brass instruments and some echoed political speech. “Baraeco Sin” starts with a some fanfare sample quickly replaced by funeral track, with a strong rhythm. The veiled and deep voice may make one think to the one on Triarii.

An interesting atmosphere is created. But, what strikes is some kind of confusion between all instruments. Although a clear rhythm, it's difficult to figure out a clear structure and a continuous melody after a moment. Anyway, it isn't a problem for the ambient side of the music. “Saur Vul” deals with erratic detonations and sounds creating a very efficient anguishing atmosphere. Similarly to certain tracks a clear structure can hardly been extracted.

With “Yaincoa Flintz”, the music appears to be less ambient and more structured (at least, more accessible). The sporadic monochord voice remains discrete. Original synths sounds create an eerie melancholic melody together with the repetitive rhythm of massive drums' sounds. Electronic sounds are present which creates a rather unexpected mix of genres.

“Endeouelico Nebo” goes on with maybe a simplier approach and more predictable evolution. Dissonant brass sounds cottrast with electronic sounds, creating some kind of dark threatening atmosphere.

“Dibus Deabus” and “Carino Apsu” or “Vahadonnaego Adar” explore dark ambient landscapes. The one deals with dissonance of brass instruments, while the other uses strange sounds, samples, no drums sounds, with a rather industrial atmosphere and a late appearance of piano. “Oiso Kutur” confirms the evolution from vaguely martial brass music to something clearly ambient, very uncluttered, withdrawn in an autistic world, while the last track recalls a more funeral atmosphere, with beautiful synths and a deep sound.

The sound of the drums is really good and quite loud. So that this album will please those interested in martial-styled music.

But, melodies and arrangements are far less accessible. The ambient side develops original atmospheres, often anguishing and unexpected. The originality of sounds is quite amazing. It's far more subtle and original than others creations.

The mix of genre is quite well-done and would deserve further exploration. Innovative and experimental, this album may not be suitable for people who aren't used to ambient music. There's an unexpected contrast between the usual solid approach of martial music when it comes to rhythm and this rather chaotic album. It certainly does require several listenings. Some listeners will appreciate this chaotic atmospheres, while others won't stand it and return to more predictable acts. But, strinkingly, it's together with image that music takes its whole dimension (there is a  video clip on the official website).

Eldar may interest  fans of Karjalan Sissit, Tribe of Circle and martial industrial acts as far as they're opened to a far more ambient approach. But, maybe the bands latest release “Sapere Aude” would be easily appreciated “Solve et Coagula”: the same criticism as for “Solve et Coagula” cannot be applied anymore to “Sapere Aude” much more mature, straightforward, efficient.

Sure is  Eldar is really original, dark, decadent and dissonant, and it deservies the interest some show it. Thus, it's especially suitable for ambient fans searching for something fresh.


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