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Turboslut - Order Of The Turboslut
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Order Of The Turboslut

Artist: Turboslut United States

Title: Order Of The Turboslut

Label: Self Released

Genre: Noise Rock/ Death Punk

Track Listing:

01 Too Little Too Late
02 Dry
03 Roadkill
04 Running In The Family
05 Emotion Sickness
06 Breaking Rank

Turboslut is a cult located in the woods of the Maryland communities and areas surrounding Washington D.C., the occult and political capitol of the United States of America. Currently on a hiatus due to the drummer moving to a wolf sanctuary for the time being, this cassette tape is the only way to hear this group until the prophecy is fulfilled and Turboslut returns to the stage. Opening the gates with “Too Little Too Late,” all of the lyrics on this release are heavily cryptic accusations and angry howls directed at individuals who are in their path. Various samples do much to flesh out the vibe and philosophy of the four ladies involved, but it is the music itself that does the most to explain what Turboslut's intentions are.

The final track, “Breaking Rank,” best exemplifies this intention. Unusual structure in the form of tortured and intricate snaking guitar melodies twisting around one another in an intense psychic unity. Singer/guitarist Beck Levy's shouts and screams are self-eviscerating, and when the song ends we are treated to snippets of conversations with the famous serial killer Aileen Wournos. Wournos, not unlike the fictionalized Hollywood depiction, was simply a very unapologetic vigilante, not a sadistic killer in the purest sense. Turboslut somewhat ironically identifies themselves as 'humorless vigilantes', but this cassette shares a sense of humor and spirit of discovery that it has in common with both early punk acts like Crass and Rudimentary Peni as well as the dark primitivity early Ildjarn and Bone Awl tapes. There is also a distinct “noise rock” flavor to the sound of these tracks. That is to say, it rocks and it is really noisy. Of course, these tracks are only a tiny percent of the greatness that is Turboslut's live show, a sub-violent basstastic shredfest. Guitarist Whitney Blair holds up a pillars of sonic power with a unique and intuitive guitar style that often has an Americana sort of dark Western twang about it, even as it would shred the eardrums of most modern country music fans. Bassist Katie sounds heavier than Geezer.

It is an eclectic set of personalities that makes up the greatest rock and roll bands, and it is often a mystery what brings them together. Turboslut lives the mystery and provides solutions. This cassette comes with complete lyrics and cool full-panel illustrations of each member of the group as skull-faced angels of rock and roll death. Although the songs do emerge from hardcore and rock formulas, the performance aspect of the band cannot be denied. Each performance is taken very seriously by the group as a sort of ritual invocation to powers that they are intuitively are drawn to. Futuristic deathrock for the driving across the deserts created by wars of the Kali Yuga. Believe in Turboslut.


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