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Hands Rendered Useless - Diaonetics
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf


Artist: Hands Rendered Useless United States

Title: Diaonetics

Label: Accretion Disk United States

Genre: Noise/Power Electronics

Track Listing:

01 Sophia
02 Episteme
03 Phronesis
04 Techne

This is a very cool high-tech harsh noise release from the very cool Accretion Disk label. This is the first solo release by Ryan Woodhall of Halflings/Yellow Tears. These tracks are in the crispy wall of noise style, but with an old-school flavor that cannot be denied. Although short, this release can stand up to many of the noise heavies of the 90s in their prime. Somewhat in the vein of head-on emotional noise like Merzbow and C.C.C.C., HRE has a very distinctive and unique sound that adds to itself upon repeated listens. Unlike a lot of more recent wall of noise artists, HRE shows a wide and dynamic range of harsh tones throughout the duration of this release. With noise it is all about the details. I literally threw a CD across the room earlier today for attempting some of the things that this artist gets across successfully.

The Accretion Disk label is a very fine producer of music in general, and seems to be in the nexus of a very tight groups of noise acts in NY including the Halflings, Diaphragm, The Cathode Terror Secretion, and others. The new noise music is going to simply be the work of the people, wherever they may be, working against the conditions around them. These people will make noise music whether anyone buys it or not, and it looks like times like this “economic crisis” are the sort of trying times that separates the wheat from the chaff. The groups associated with Accretion Disk are new, but they have the vibe of discipline and hard work that is making the noise scene the new folk music for a changing era.

This CD is balls to the wall and blown out. This will give you a harsh noise fix and then some. It is also an engaging and entertaining release that can be listened to and enjoyed repeatedly. It is obvious that a great deal of care went into cultivating the sounds on this release. Highly enjoyable and recommended to all noise heads and even black metal or doom fans looking for something new and interesting. Hands Rendered Useless will get you where you want to go. There is a really satisfying blend between what I would define as 'harsh electronics' as well as more organic sounds like heavily processed vocals (to the point of being completely transformed into whorles of sound) and what sounds like contact feedback, thing of that nature. Really great noise disc here, very high quality. Anything by this artist or the others associated with the Accretion Disk label come highly recommended from this writer.


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