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Can't - New Secret
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

New Secret

Artist: Can't United States

Title: New Secret

Label: RRRecords United States

Genre: Noise

Track Listing:

01 New Secret
02 Wishing Well
03 Driving In The Rain
04 The Way Home
05 Messy Mystery
06 Casting A Spell

This CDr release has a feeling of private longing somewhat akin to the feeling that old photographs arouse. Atonal and harsh, these tracks are cemented by oppressive feedback squeals and offer a showcase for a series of idiosyncratic vocal pieces that are the emotional bed of this recording. On “Wishing Well,” Jessica (Rylan, the solo artist who makes up this group) goes off on an acapella tangent that is reminiscent of hearing one's own voice on a telephone receiver as a child and just tripping out on the sound of your own voice. “Driving In The Rain” is an unaccompanied recorder piece that lends and air of mystery to this transitional section of the record. The artwork consists of a pink piece of paper with a charming Xeroxed photograph of Jessica and some friends in some stage of pie-making. The presence of the recorder and the home-spun synth sounds suggest youthful ingenuity working in conjunction with adult discipline.

“The Way Home” takes the odd recipe of chopping feedback and detached vocals to a trance-like level. The audio effect is somewhat akin to a child singing to a passing train, or as if Moe Tucker's solo tracks were produced by Monte Cazazza. That is to say, this is pulverizing in it's own way. Despite the lack of legible vocalizations on this release, there is an intense emotionality to these tracks that is demonstrated with regularity. In addition, the artist seems to enjoy pushing the limits of an already fractured and shattering soundscape as she makes her hypnotic vocalizations. By the end of the track, feedback and fuzz have infiltrated and the melody becomes more and more direct. “Messy Mystery” is a revelation in its odd dynamics, it is worlds away from the sound of the previous tracks. Odd squirts and bleeps vie for robotic dominance in a minimalist landscape of silence.

“Casting A Spell” is almost half of the record. It sounds like a beautiful classic Martian melody recorded into a dream machine on a rainy day. I love it. I am completely enraptured with the sound, energy, and confidence that went into this release. Worth a listen for adventurous noise-heads who think that they have heard it all, as well as anyone looking for a little something different in general. Can't is a fascinating artist who simply does not sound like anyone else. Highly unusual, and I mean that in the best manner possible.


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