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Armenia - Diez Sangrantes Piezas Metamorphicas
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Diez Sangrantes Piezas Metamorphicas

Artist: Armenia Ecuador

Title: Diez Sangrantes Piezas Metamorphicas

Label: Ruido Horrible Mexico

Genre: Noise/ Power Electronics

Track Listing:

01 Pieza 1
02 Pieza 2
03 Pieza 3
04 Pieza 4
05 Pieza 5
06 Pieza 6
07 Pieza 7
08 Pieza 8
09 Pieza 9
10 Pieza 10

Fantastic new release from this prolific Ecuadoran noise artist. The anonymous track listing invites the mind to interact more directly with the music, and the sounds within are obliging. Armenia is a longstanding project from the classic 90's era of harsh noise, putting out blistering releases alongside such greats as Macronympha and Black Leather Jesus. Any new Armenia release is a reason for people within the noise community to pay attention to. Years of work along the noise path leads to interesting and dynamic releases from a thoughtful and imaginative artist such as this. Often there is very pleasant 'soft noise' that has a dreamlike cassette/tape quality to it that is very nice to listen to.

However, that is not to say that this is somehow a beautiful record. The cover and back are festooned with an image of a pile of dead bodies, and on the insert panel is an image of a malnourished man attempting to feed himself. The images are Xeroxed in the style of harsh noise and power electronics. The variety of sounds on this release is amazing. Each track has a completely different sound from the proceeding one, despite the generic nature of the titling. The titling of each track as “Pieza” followed by the sequential number gives the entire work a thematic unity that becomes more and more apparent with each listen. There is a very intricate artistry to the sounds that are chosen and they come together to make a very pleasing image. Although the subject matter is grotesque, there are no discernible vocals and the rich tapestry of sound resembles an audio Guernica.

A rather brief release at around half of an hour, Armenia packs quite a significant punch in that time period. The doom and gloom crowd tries to frighten you with terrifying vistas of other worlds, Armenia folds back the screen on the already existing slag heap floating through space. Sound of the old world burning heavy gasoline inside the death camp star. Ruido Horrible puts out really great releases that are available very inexpensively in limited numbers, and this is one of their very best releases. If you like harsh noise, you cannot go wrong with this, it is of very high quality, completely ripped and off the cuff, blown out, destroyed. Heavy.


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