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Aan Meets Eyes Like Saucers - Kristallivirta
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef


Artist: Split Album / Collaboration

Title: Kristallivirta

Label: Last Visible Dog United States

Genre:  Folk/ Psychedelic/ Experimental   

Track Listing:

01 Wu-Wei
02 The spaces between
03 Kristallivirta
04 Therein the Margins
05 The revealing science of the amygdalae

This is a split release/collaboration between AAN and Eyes Like Saucers

You can easily tell by the way the cover for this album looks like that whatever lies on the laser-scorched plastic layers of the cd that sits inside this box, it's not going to be easy on the ears, but my guess that it is going to be warm on the heart was a successful one as well. Lucky or educated, others will have to decide. The endless and barren fields that are shown on and inside the cover give the perfect background to the hypnotically alien compositions that were created without any preparation by Aan and Eyes like saucers,  ranging from either intoxicated or somnambulant, detuned acid folk to meditative psychonautical odysseys. Jani Hrvn and Jari K. From Finland based Aan are working with Jeff K. ,Who is behind Eyes like saucers, in one small room, resulting in an album you can put on the "Just strange" Shelf in your album collection. That's the best shelf in any album collection.
Making an attempt to describe the various musical maneuvers done in each track is difficult at best, Both Aan and Eyes like saucers manipulate sound through different mediums, from guitars to keyboards to effects and vocals, and many times these instruments seem to merge with each other and create an alien soundscape with formation that one might find it hard to connect the way they sound to the musical instrument they come from. Wu-Wei alone begins from a very subtle, almost non existent hum that grows, through several musical peaks, to a tribal zenith, following what sounds like a droning accordion gone wild. Again, not an easy track, but a wonderful one nevertheless (or maybe even because it's not catchy!) and my favorite in the whole album. A great opening.
"The spaces between" is a more intense, even violent, track, with horrific electronic shrieks piercing space over a warm oriental background. It comes to mind that unlike many other projects of two or more artists who meet in order to play and Jam with one another, Aan and Eyes like saucers seems to know what they are doing and they are doing it very well. The third track goes on from where the first track ended, adding hypnotic chantings to this bubbling soup, and landing somewhere between Inca ore's dreamy vibe and a dense, smoke filled jazzy tune. Both Aan and Eyes like saucer continue to mix more and more of their esoteric and obscure elements, to the highest point, which is on the last track, with haunting chantings tha hover above a trance-like cloud of bell rings and spiraling music. These two acts brings  together a powerful and mesmerizing trip over cold rock and under a hot sun. Those of you who like their music ceremonial and obscure beyond common sense, this is a perfect album for you. Highly recommended.


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