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Crescent Lament - The Forgotten Winter
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: TraXteR

The Forgotten Winter

Artist: Crescent Lament Taiwan

Title: The Forgotten Winter

Label: Self Released

Genre: Melodic Black Metal

Track Listing:

01 Pathetic Scenario
02 Victims of Discrepancy

My chances of coming across darker Asian Metal have been pretty low since I can remember. Since being a writer here, I've gotten the chance to explore JapaNoise, an affectionately dubbed genre that goes way beyond "dark", and sure, sometimes these highly creative individuals are more than willing to throw in blastbeats and heavily processed, practically unrecognizable guitars into their aggressively abstract musical shapes, but most people would not consider this Metal... and rightfully so. The first taste I ever got of any kind of Metal material of this sort was about five years ago when my buddy Tezcatli introduced me to Japanese Black-Metalists Sigh. Since then I have seen little else.
Then I got "The Forgotten Winter", and it was a surprise not only to hear a female voice, but also to hear symphonic keyboard work and very poetic lyrics sung in an operatic style. This reminded me of one of the first Black Metal bands I had ever heard, The Kovenant, as the high falsettos used in both tracks that make up this self released EP are very much like the female voice heard on The Kovenant's "Nexus Polaris". But again, these vocals are at the very front of the tracks, and not merely backing vocals or just bridge work. Both tracks are sort of similar, but what got my slight appreciation was the lyrical work, which is actually sublime in a way. My favorite line of all is on the "Pathetic Scenario" track which reads as follows: “To you this is thy promised land, have reliance to thy faith, keep marching with trust, struggle to the end.”
I didn’t really dig this work, but it does have its good features. For one thing, I could tell it is an honest work, free of ego and hubris, and original in the sense that it emphasizes romance above all else. The themes are death, loss, grief and struggle, but there is nothing that indicates that hope is lost.   


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