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Dental Work + Tropical Painforest - Rainbow
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Unaesthetic


Artist: Various Artists

Title: Rainbow

Label: Placenta Recordings United States

Genre: Breakcore

Track Listing:

01 - Children’s Socks
02 - Hip Hop Ejay2 Vs Magix 10
03 - K9 Unit Dogs Chewing Through Human Flesh For Coke
04 - _Nr4-94
05 - _Nr6-2000

This release is a split/collaboration between Dental Work and Tropical Painforest

This split CD is a very short release, clocking in at less than six minutes in five brief tracks. The incredibly daft cut’n’paste style of the cover art matches the hyperactive, attention-span-free nature of the music. Dental Work’s filthy Breakcore is sliced and diced and scattered along with TPF’s schizophrenic lo-fi mix of pop samples and 8-bit glitchiness.

The opener “Children’s socks” shows promise – a giddy fairground of sounds gives way to bassy judder and then it’s over, all too quickly. “Hip Hop EJay2 Vs Magix 10” lurches from sickeningly overclocked breakbeats into a cement mixer and then into some kind of grandfather clock. “K9 Unit Dogs Chewing Through Human Flesh For Coke” (probably one of the best track names I’ve seen in a while) is the disc’s shortest piece at only 20 seconds and comes on like angry radio static tuning to a broken Nintendo.

The last two tracks are slightly more coherent (if that’s possible in such a bad-acid world). Both rapidly skip between snippets of cheesy pop music, stabs of eardrum-perforating white noise, and splattery breakbeats with absolutely no rhyme or reason. Hunter S. Thompson would have called this “bad craziness”. Something about this CD makes me think of puking up blue shit after eating far too much sugar and running around a lot. Yes, I was a hyperactive child.

I can never tell with this kind of release how seriously it’s supposed to be taken. Clearly, there’s a large amount of piss being taken, from the zany sleeve to the “I forgot my ritalin” pacing of the music. Both Dental Work and Tropical Painforest seem to have released a hell of a lot of material elsewhere too. The lunatic speed, epileptic twists and turns and the totally mental sound of it all is enjoyable, but it does come off feeling a little trivial and slapdash. But part of the point is that it’s probably not meant to be pored over and considered quite so much. It is haphazard and inane, but on purpose. So when the really cheap speed is just starting to wear off, before the horse tranqulizers kick in, you may be at the exact point of twitchy mania to enjoy this.


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