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Various Artists - Sacral Symphony
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jhon Longshaw

Sacral Symphony

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Sacral Symphony

Label: EE Tapes Belgium

Genre: Ambient/ Industrial

Track Listing:

01 1000Schoen - Dageraad
02 Troum - Palas Tyn
03 Cisfinitum - Autumn Ritual
04 Rapoon - One Last Breath
05 First Human Ferro - Sacral Sin

From EE tapes within the land of Belgium comes this excellent array of five, secret distilling movements collectively presented as The Sacral Symphony, the symphony of the sacred, sacral also evoking the 8th chakra of the human emanation known as the Brahmarandra, of which these scintillating effigies align with and reveal the flowers that shed the dew of unknown reveries.

As we enter the sacral shadows, we are enveloped within the doorway betwixt time and space with “Dageraad”, the dawn, which streaks its rays of bewitchment in its interplay of the light revealing the darkness and the darkness revealing the light from the entity known as 1000Schoen. Many may know of his work with Maeror Tri, and with his further explorations within the sacral, we have the arrival, the dawning of the infinite within the being of the listener, wave upon wave of coercive splendour, We stand at the gateway of being and nothingness.

As we wind our way through the sacral we are met with Troum erecting the awakening of “Palas Tyn”, intonations in unknown tongues reverberate the logos, the word made flesh through streams of violet splendor as the petals further unfurl the heart of dissolution. Within the next shaft of light we find lurking Cisfinitum, performing the rites of the equinoctial turn of Autumn with “Autumn Ritual”, amidst the emerging midnight echoes, may be heard whispers of silence careening throughout the sacred garden of the great mystery. As we enter the labyrinthine hallways of ecstatic entrancement, the wail of the sirens beam upon the shrine of  Rapoon, Rapoon being the continuance of his journey through imaginative shores of being, beginning in  Zoviet France.

He now transforms our sight and speech through “One Last Breath”. As we enter the essence of the purity beyond the illusory, from the heart the light is reflected, we enter the numinous somnolence of  First Human Ferro, piercing arrows of burning crystal light that shines beyond the crown concocting the “Sacral Sin” 

In Summation we have a symphony in five movements, each shard melting into the next as the sussurations of the sacred are manifested.    


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