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Kadaver - Molested into Form
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jhon Longshaw

Molested into Form

Artist: Kadaver Israel

Title: Molested into Form

Label: FracturedSpaces Records United Kingdom

Genre: Noise/Horror Electronics

Track Listing:

01 Black Death Return to Me
02 Embracing the Tomb Stones
03 Golden Shower Roulette
04 Dry Sperm on the Wooden Caskets
05 Force fed on Human Brains
06  Drowning in Pus
07 Project Suicide part 1 (One Bullet, One Gun)
08 Heart Shaped Torture
09  Project Suicide part 2 ( One Life, Now Gone)
10 Facilities of Death/Necromantik

“I am the Razorblade inside your panties and the Blood Dripping Down your Legs” “ For the Total Annihilation of all Human Life”…Such are the sentiments that adorn the inside cover of  “Molested into Form” the most recent abomination from Michael Zolotov and his slaughtering machine  Kadaver.

Residing in the unlit torture rooms of Israel, Kadaver have been unleashing storm upon storm upon storm of  maddening, perverse blasphemy starting in 2005 with “Dead Inside” a perfect philosophy for the phantasmagoric cachinnations  which breed within chambers of deaths perfect machine.

Molested into Form, his first offering for Fractured Spaces continues the path of this self proclaimed nihilist of self, and without hindrance ensnares us in the waking nightmare which possesses his mind and tortures his soul. From the opening emergence “Black Death Return to Me” to “Facilities of Death/Necromantik Dedicated to the movie Necromantik, showcasing the beauty of debauchery through congress with death itself, We are immersed in an onslaught of harsh rumbling noise coupled with the screams of his victim, his own mind as he molests all he perceives in the mirror of his soul. Although he states that his creations lie within the ambient/industrial realms, this is industrial of the grinding machines, churning the ambience of the absence of consciousness. I see a very close resemblance in the philosophical stance of Michael Zolotov himself to those of Xardas of 20.SV Both portraying chaos refracted into the material world.

This is pure horror electronics, to see within the mind of the perpetrator of mindless bloodshed lunacy, burning with a relentless, incessant worship of death. If you are of this mind and wish to be further warped into the vortex of palpable hatred, then within the flesh of Kadaver you shall find it.      


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