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Vergissmeinnicht - Whispering Solitude
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Batcheeba&Gird09

Whispering Solitude

Artist: Vergissmeinnicht China

Title: Whispering Solitude

Label: Midnight Productions China

Genre: Folk/ Acoustic/ Ambient

Track Listing:

01 Left Forgotten
02 Wither
03 A Poem For The Shadows
04 Dimensions For The souls
05 Innocent
06 Whispering Solitude
07 My Colourless Reflection
08 Dust
09 Buried By Time
10 Depression (Abyssic Hate Cover)

It's a sunny Monday in late June. I got out of bed and picked one of the many CD's I am going to review. I was tired and in a crappy mood. I pressed play and suddenly the hot sun vanished and I was surrounded by soothing darkness and soft rain. Vergissmeinnicht is a solo project by a man named Lu. He has his roots in black metal (solo band Heartless ), and it seems the Black Metal genre has another side it needs to vent. More and more often these days I see the folkish side coming out. It's not a far stretch at all, remember black metal and folk share much of the same emotions and ideas, as well as chord progressions. (Gaahl, former member of Gorgoroth, blew my mind with his work for Wardruna , and let's not forget the magnificent work by Ulver.  Lu's black
metal past certainly makes up a solid foundation for his guitar skills.

The digipack is well done in tasteful cold colours, complimented by a lake obscured by fog, and a sunset or a sunrise in the background. The design suits the music.

Vergissmeinnicht ( Forget me not, the flower) is not your typical run of the mill folk project mind you, as ambient soundscapes are equally present. A soft whispering vocal and subtle sounds in the background gently pulls you into a melancholic state. I would have enjoyed it even more if the flute was real and not digital though, it would make this release so much more authentic and less plasticy and soft synth-sounding, like on track # 9, Buried By time and parts of track # 10, Depression.

Interestingly enough, considering Lu is chinese, some parts of his music has an Eastern European vibe to it. There is nothing Asian about this at all. Cold, insular, distant, melancholic, without being moaning. Well done. However it is puzzling that someone with such an understanding, and interest, for European musical history should show such a lack of knowledge when it comes to his own region's history – as in stating that Tibet has always been a part of china on his Heartless myspace site.

Politics aside, Vergissmeinnicht is a little gem in the folk necklace, it does not shine the brightest, but it fits right in there with all the others. Vergissmeinnicht is not trying to be brighter or bolder that it really is. And I give Lu credit for that. Listen to Lu's release when you are alone, when it's dark outside. Light some candles, lean back and close your eyes. Vergissmeinnicht is not a release that will affect you forever, but nothing lasts forever.


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