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S§jaruun - S/T
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Viktorya


Artist: S§jaruun Estonia

Title: S/T

Label: Black Devastation Records Germany

Genre: Pagan Black Metal

Track Listing:

01 Teekond hukatusse
02 Tõuske, Allmaailmaleegionid!
03 Võõras veri

Formed in 2007, Sõjaruun are a three- piece Estonian Pagan Black Metal band.  This release is their self-titled mini album from two thousand and eight. All three members are also members of Estonian metal bands Urt and Gas. This is a very tight, musically adept trio.  Alone each member shines, exceptional drumming, fluid guitar playing, and a proficient bass player (that isn’t buried in the mix!).  A near perfect production only enhances this; the sound is clean without compromising their harshness or brutality.

Starting off with “Teekond Hukatusse”, an acoustic guitar melody is played gently over the sound of falling rain.  This metamorphosis’s itself into a barrage of double bass drumming and layered tremolo guitars.  A death-like rasp of a vocalist tops it all off with lyrics in Estonian, “Tõuske, Allmaailmaleegionid”, is pure blast beats right out of the gate.  Folk inspired melodies, and ambient thunder and rain effects enhance this piece. “Võõras veri ” is a mid-tempo head banging blast.  You can definitely hear an early Satyricon influence on this one. While it may start mid-paced, it slides into a fierce and tumultuous din of drums, guitars and bass, giving the feeling of having one’s wind knocked out of them aurally.  It all ends as it once began, the sound of a melody played on an acoustic guitar.

Only 19 minutes in length, Sõjaruun presents an Estonian style slice of black metal.  Their fusing of Estonian language and folklore with black metal is in it self exotic enough to entice new listeners.  A fact that even made me search out other bands from Estonia (and a good Estonian online dictionary too).  That said, their obvious talent would ensnare those same listeners. While influences of Nagelfar, Burzum, Satyricon and early Ulver are apparent, the melodic black metal they present clearly gives their own signature to their work.    


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