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Ulvdalir - Flame Once Lost
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Jhon Longshaw

Flame Once Lost

Artist: Ulvdalir Russia

Title: Flame Once Lost

Label: Black Devastation Records Germany

Genre: Black Metal

Track Listing:

01 The Black Wind
02 To the Great Eternity
03 Cold of the Solitude
04 Purity to Blood
05 The Cold Hall

From the snow covered terrain of Russia Hails Ulvdalir. Apparently being in existence since 2001, this particular opus was recorded in 2005 and ultimately burned itself into manifestation through Black devastation records in 2008 being their first official release. Upon first perceiving this album, I was not expecting to find the magic contained within. It appears their image has changed drastically from that time as well, from being what would appear as a clone with the overt corpse paint and the usual black metal trappings, to a somewhat more refined look, casting away the corpse paint past.

Upon entering the world of  Ulvdalir, I was expecting what the cover reflected in my eyes, but once I shrouded myself within it’s flame, a new spectral fascination spoke to me, these passages were of the ancient art, that flourished in the early part of the last decade materializing the magick that existed at that time “The Black Wind” begins the ascent of the black flame that truly shall never be lost. With mesmerizing nostalgia, it awakens the elder faith, for it is upon the black wind they travel to awaken the ever open eye. The nostalgic fever continues to seethe and burn, searing forth “To the Great Eternity” the great eternity that the pan dimensional eye confers the eternal hidden flame to reveal. We then move on to “Cold of the Solitude” which retains that feeling that modern black metal rarely reaches to the heart of. The lyrical and thematic approach of the album shifts with such song titles as the above mentioned “Cold of the Solitude” succeeded by “Purity to Blood” and “The Cold Hall” Although the music performed contains that ancient feeling of black metal, the song titles do not mirror the musical content. It will be interesting, considering this is older material and it seems they have just released an E.P, to see in which direction of the crossroads they choose to follow.

The black metal presented on this disc awakens, that which has been slumbering for far too long, when there was magick in black metal and it was the central column of the crooked. They lyrical theme though must align itself with this music, the power of black metal has always been its deepest ideology, its actuality other than its falsity and in the intervening years it has forsaken that potency. In a sea of mediocrity if one is wishing to feel that nostalgia, then Ulvdalir will not disappoint, if however the ideology is the most important to the listener, then they may feel much lacking here.   


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