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Sikhara - Anduni
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ZG


Artist: Sikhara United States

Title: Anduni

Label: URCK Records United States

Genre: Tribal Industrial / Dark Ambient/ Experimental

Track Listing:

01 -
02 Tamar
03 -
04 Morning Star
05 Tukano Volta
06 Fatwa
07 Anduni
08 -
09 Tbilisi
10 -

Sikhara is a Sanskrit word translating literally to "mountain peak", which refers to the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture of North India. Sikhara over the sanctum sanctorum where the presiding deity is enshrined is the most prominent and visible part of a Hindu temple of North India.
The band’s activity was started back in 2000 and Sikhara was planned as a live band first of all and a band with no homeland – all the members of the band are from different countries. During all these years of active work, they performed around 400 times in the countries all around the glode – from the US to Japan, being able to find exciting and unique places for their performances and talented collaborators in support. There are two members that can be considered permanent, Scott Nydegger, the founder of the band, and Yann Geoffriaud. “Anduni” CD is released by Urck Records, a US independent label that issues experimental music mainly. “Anduni” refers to tragical Armenian opera of the same name.
I guess this CD is a windfall for admirers of tribal industrial music. Yes, there are many great bands that build their experiments around tribal atmosphere, adding tribal elements to make the tracks more interesting and original, but this band is quite unique, as it has much more “tribal” elements than anything else. That is mostly percussion., of course, but that is not everything. The samples of singing in a manner of wild tribes as well as this mad and agressive, bestial manner of “singing”, nearly breathing the sounds out – all these soundscapes create an atmosphere of a ritual, a trance. However, apart from samples and various rhythmic ornaments diverse noises, distorted guitar and ambient background patterns are used and this is the case when getting something out would destroy the whole thing.
Sometimes, especially in the beginning the sound made me think to two pieces of music which I love: Svasti Ayanam – Sanklesa and TMLHBaC & Deutsch Nepal – A Night In Fear. Of course, these are not completely the same as the album being reviewed, more than that they are really different, but generally the feeling of some ancient ritual, of releasing the animal side of a human nature, the power of sound (of drums as well) and at the same time the ambience of atmosphere is so capturing, that it makes you feel fear and some kind of weird fascination, the feelings that are difficult to describe: at one moment you feel stoned and at another one you are ready to jump off the chair and release all the energy that was stored inside and was waiting to find the way out. The beginning of the fifth track, Tukano Volta, made me think to Ad-ver-sary’s Waiting for Gira from Bone Music album.
I would like to mark out the very first track with no name (as nearly the half of all tracks on this album), the third one, which helps you dive deeper into the ambient part of the release, Morning Star track and Tbilisi, the nineth one, where the flow of sounds comes down on the ears of the listener. This track combines all the elements featured in all the other tracks throughout the album. Certainly Sikhara is a band to be listened to live, but if we don’t have an opportunity, Anduni album can partly share the excitement and power of the moment.


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