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L'Effet C'Est Moi - Les Voix De L' Apocalypse
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ZG

Les Voix De L\' Apocalypse

Artist: L'Effet C'Est Moi Italy

Title: Les Voix De L' Apocalypse

Label: SkullLine Germany

Genre: Martial/ Medieval/ Folk

Track Listing:

01 Les Dieux Écoutent L’ Homme
02 Splendide Est Ta Beauté
03 Pas De Parade
04 Les Passions Des Chevaliers Errants
05 Soldats Que La Mort A Semés
06 Charme
07 Nuages Venteux
08 Épidémie Et Misère
09 La Couronne Et La Mort
10 Odeur De Bataille
11 Le Présage De La Nuit
12 Compagnon D' Armes
13 Les Drapeaux Flottaient Dans Le Vent

L’Effet C’est Moi was started in 2005. It is a project of Emanuele Buresta, a musician that comes from sunny south of Europe - Italy. This is the second album of the project. Apart from two albums, Emanuele Buresta took part in various compilations, like the one of neo-folk.it , Skull Line and Kaos Ex Machina. The name, L’Effet C’est Moi derives from a philosophical argument by F. Nietzsche: the identification of the ruler class with the community’s successes. This conception is based on commanding and obeying inside a community of numerous souls. “Les Voix De L' Apocalypse” is issued by German industrial/ martial/ ambient label Skull Line, which is known for putting much effort in the unusual and unique packaging of limited hand numbered editions. This album is limited to 100 hand numbered copies as well.
I wouldn’t say that it is typical for the acts that are usually called martial industrial, although this act is also called this way. Yes, it is martial music, but it has another construction than any industrial act, as it is much more epic and the melodies are more complicated, more polyphonic, there’re not so many samples used (I liked the way the sample is used as a rhythmic layer in the beginning of the fourth track!) or they are veiled so well that are difficult to recognise and mark out. If many martial acts are somewhat based or have hints on WWII, this project is different from them, the melodies used remind more of medieval ages, the far trips on religious matters, mournful farewells, returning with victory and scenes of that kind. Probably, musical experience of the project’s mastermind influenced much while creating this piece of music. Apart from polyphonic structure, the instruments used to create the melody lines are not standard as well, like different woodwinds.
There’re spirits of romance and militarism that share the space on this album, combined in different ways: romance through militarism, romance on the background of militarism, romance opposed to militarism. It is interesting in its own way, like some story told by means of musical expression. Here we’ve got glorious first tracks, rather romantic and majestic Soldats Que La Mort A Semés, anxious Nuages Venteux, where we hear agitated piano and strings for the first time on this record, which turns into Épidémie Et Misère that continues the same theme. Listening to these two pieces I had dark marine images in my mind, thanks to the sounds in the background that made me think to sea and wind during the storm.

Generally, the second part of the album is much darker than the first one. Such a fast and radical change made me think to a situation when someone suddenly finds him/herself in a parallel world where things are completely different, darker, less reassuring. But I guess here this change symbolised a battle that took place, as Le Présage De La Nuit might refer to the finish of this battle with someone’s hopes and dreams in fire while another party celebrates the triumph through tears. I’d like to mark out bagpipes in this track.
This album may be an interesting examples of Martial music, which as I already said is somewhat different from many acts within the scene.


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