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Noir du'Soleil - Into The Sky - Deluxe Edition
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Batcheeba&Gird09

Into The Sky - Deluxe Edition

Artist: Noir du'Soleil Australia

Title: Into The Sky - Deluxe Edition

Label: Darkest Labyrinth Japan

Genre: Dark Electro / Endzeit

Track Listing:

CD 1

01 Prelude of the Sun ~Rising~
02 Nightmare
03 Dreams Through Fire 000
04 And Into Clouds
05 Close Moi Augen
06 Broken Arms
07 C[to]D
08 Obstacle One - Conversation
09 le Blue et la Pluie
10 Sinking ~Falling~
11 The Very Last Time
12 Nothing (Instrumental Version)

CD 2

01 And Into Clouds (Remix by Mummy Lee)
02 Nightmare (Kiwamu Guitar Version)
03 Obstacle One - Conversation (Tomas Ford's Trip Hazard)
04 Dreams Through Fire (XP8 Mix)
05 Close Moi Augen (Hardstyle Mix)
06 Close Moi Augen (Minimal Mix)
07 Obstacle One - Conversation (SINO REBUILD PROJECTS Mix)
08 Le Blue et la Pluie (Ryo Mucha Mix)
09 Nightmare (The Royal Dead Remix)
10 Broken Arms (Slow Version)
11 Sinking ~Falling~ (Call To Prayer Mix by Nimheil)


This release consists of two cd's. One with original material and one with remixes.

Let's start with the first one, and get it straight right from the beginning:

This is crap.

We've heard it all – several times, and a great deal better. The vocals are drowned out somewhere in the background and the music is superfluous, cliched and stupid. These two individuals should probably consider a career as hotel chefs, as they follow the recipe with fervour. The arrangements are in fact so overused it's an insult.

Looking through the cd-cover we quickly find an explanation why the music is so over the top shitty. These people don't care about music at all. In fact their make up artists and dressers are listed, while production is credited to the musicians themselves. I mean, who the fuck lists make up on their album? It's an album not a fashion show. The picture included in the press release shows a pair of overstyled goth-lolita wannabes. How in heavens name they manage to combine that with some sort of endzeit, techno filth is beyond me. I thought gothic lolita was about romance, not plastic. But I could be wrong. The thing that really makes me wonder though, is how you can manage to be inspired by various underground phenomena, and still end up sounding like you've listened to Britney Spears  all your life. Soft synth, soft synth and soft synth over and over. Plastic fucking digital shit.

At best the music sounds like a rejected Combichrist track, while the worst of it sounds like Dimmu Borgir  pianotracks with techno thrown in for good sport. While all the time throwing in uninspired, phoney "goth" vocals and some eerie sounds in the background. The singer is as off key as a drunk footballer on a rant. When Peter Murphy  actually was drunk he sang a great deal better than this untalented git. The occasional metal vocals sound a bit better, but are even more overused in this particular genre. These people are the reason other people are embarassed to call themselves goth.

This is comercialized dance music. But, do people actually listen to this stuff anymore? Even at Slimelight? I hope not. The only thing that's remotely goth about this waste is that it made me roll around on the floor, convulsing and wanting to slit my wrists. Is that a sign of quality? Not in this case.

And then the remixes:

It's better than the originals, but it's still a waste of time. The musical qualities are a bit better, but it still sounds uninspired and derivative. Mostly however it sounds like cleaned up versions of the original tracks, better produced, with a certain depth in the sound. It's a lot better, but not good. At best, it sounds like the worst tracks from Assemblage 23  and Delerium .

We've wasted two hours on this. Time better spent looking at the ceiling, or getting a brazilian wax. The latter hurts less. It really makes me wonder, do you actually enjoy listening to this yourselves? Or are you just trying to catch a hype. I doubt very much that this collection of moronic sounds will even make it as a one day accessory for the lowliest and most insecure of the hang arounds and posers in Harajuku. For the serious crowd, well.. They wouldn't even bother laughing at it. (As the press release lists the sales price as 2800 yen, we guess that's the crowd you're aiming for.)


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