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Stratvm Terror - This Is My Own Hell
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Batcheeba&Gird09

This Is My Own Hell

Artist: Stratvm Terror Sweden

Title: This Is My Own Hell

Label: Reverse Alignment Sweden

Co-release Label: Existence Establishment

Genre: Industrial Ambient

Track Listing

01 ...
02 In Oblivion
03 Unveiled is my skin
04 In god we do not trust
05 Walk with fire
06 No redemption no remorse
07 My hell
08 Now ever sleep

Stratvm Terror is a collaboration between Peter Anderson (Raison d'Etre, Necrophorous) and Tobias Anderson (Ocean Chief). 'This Is My Own Hell' is their eight release, counting everything from tapes to cd's.

From the very intro this is promising indeed. Slow and dirgey, just the way we like it. The truly cavernous reverb on the sparishly utilized drums accentuates the minimalist low key noise that fills in the gap between the sounds in a very moody way. Giving way to droney basses and scraping noises the sound is reminiscent of a subway tunnel in slow motion. Fantastic. As the soundscape progresses in complexity and mood I am left in admiration. The addition of vocals just adds to the impression. Stylistically the vocals remind me of the darkest of darkest of funeral doom, fitting very well with the overall tone of the music. It's like an industrial version of Sunn O)))  while not being derivative in any way. The tone is similar, but the method unique. They're both very minimalist and sound destroyed, but Stratvm Terror is more tactile. If sounds can be tactile that is. If you can imagine a blend of MZ.412 ( and Sunn O))) I think you know what part of the city we're in.

The eight tracks on the album are meditative in nature, and vary from the quite short to over ten minutes in length. This gives them time to slowly build to a climax without feeling forced. The general
impression is low key and soothing, if dark, and consistently subterranean. Often I have the feeling of standing on the verge of a vast underground precipice, whith several hundred feet of black rock above me. Behind me the abandoned gear and tracks of the miners who came here before me. The unpleasent question is, what made them leave? If they in fact left. The music is nearly cold and bleak enough to make me forget the roasting June sun outside my window. An impressive feat indeed. This is especially true for track five, walk with fire, with its unrelenting slow throb.

The only detraction is the somewhat over the top track titles. The music stands well enough alone and doesn't need titles to explain its content. While the title of the album fits very well with the eschatological profundity of the music, the tracktitles can be somewhat misleading.

I had never heard Stratvm Terror before, and I admit I am generally a bit prejudiced to this genre because, in my experience, there is so much of it out there that's really not very well made or thought through, but Stratvm Terror has certainly convinced me otherwise. It's well produced, well arranged and well composed. I cannot find a single fault anywhere with the music on this album, and that is rare. I want more.


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