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Black Juggernaut - Weeping Night EP
Wednesday, July 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: TraXteR

Weeping Night EP

Artist: Black Juggernaut Norway

Title: Weeping Night EP

Label: Invisible Eye Productions Italy

Genre: Dark Ambient/ Noise/ Industrial

Track Listing:

01 Weeping Night
02 Black Mirror
03 Stormwitch
04 The Juggernaut
05 Re-Velation

After a short time being hosted by the unfortunately short-lived Okkulth Netlabel, Black Juggernaut has found a new home graciously offered by Marco Grosso at Invisible Eye Productions. This is a wonderful occurrence because this project is too good to be floating around and not being well represented. With its main composer known solely as King Lear, this project is highly similar to many Russian Dark Ambient/Drone/Ambient Noise acts, having a cold but semi-ritualistic vibe. This must be an expression of Mr. Lear's spiritual concepts, as the only picture I have seen of him is his sole form kneeling in front of some ancient looking stone edifice, his face obscured by what appears to be a wooden, black Norse-style mask.  In his hands, possible tools used for rituals of some sort? Whatever the case is, the music reflects a being that is in touch with his deeply held beliefs.
The opening track to this EP "Weeping Night" is one of the more original things I have come across lately, as it is a simple tapestry made of a single low frequency synth drone and a double track of different Theremin noises. This is especially cool because the voltage applied to the Theremins makes their sound very sharp, and the reverb added makes them come alive that much more, doing great justice to the name of the track. Many could have easily just put in the standard howling wind motif for a track of this subject, but the use of this particular non-conventional instrument in such a creative way is very noteworthy. "Black Mirror" is another awesome one on account that it is heavily layered with sounds such as a gated, reversed-sounding noise, a shuffling static noise that is almost identical to the one heard on the latter five tracks of Tool's "Lateralus", a synth noise that is continually being pitch-shifted, and most interesting of all, a sample of someone who really sounds like Aleister Crowley. I am almost sure it is him because of the Magical nature of this EP, so it would be appropriate to include such a figure.
The same or very similar voice can be heard in what was originally the final track of the EP, "The Juggernaut". The sample that has that gorgeous acetate tone to it comes in after a dense stack of a church bell-like element that is stretched out continuously, eventually being processed into a wave of some very digital sounding synth parameter. Since Invisible Eye is now putting out the release, it also includes as its final piece the track "Re-Velation". This one is a combination of an ambiance with a bright quality to it, clanks of a metallic nature, and one more use of some very aged sample. A welcome bonus included by Mr. Grosso.


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