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Testphasen Negativ - Burn, Giant, Burn!
Monday, June 15 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: symbolique

Burn, Giant, Burn!

Artist: Testphasen Negativ Germany

Title: Burn, Giant, Burn!

Label: ContraMusikProduktion Germany

Genre: Dark Ambient / Noise

Track Listing:

01 May the Darkness Save Us
02 Mirror
03 Entglittene Heimat
04 In Between
05 Ersatzkopf
06 Going Down... Again
07 Fides oh fides
08 Imitation
09 Anti-Vital
10 Blood-theme
11 One Last Spoon
12 Back in Hospital
13 Mephisto’s Homeward Journey

Ralf Rabendorn returns with his sophomore release, “Burn, Giant, Burn!”, a smouldering volcano of noise and sounds and other effusions, waking from dormancy into action.

Reversed vocals squawk and squeal, bubble from oppressive liquid flows and chaos. Deft touches of instrumentation are sprinkled sparsely and a quick glance at the liner notes shows Ralf doesn’t just rely on field recordings or computers as guitar, real drums, flute, traditional and man-made instruments among others feature. “Burn, Giant, Burn!” is anxious noise and less dark ambience, treating such moments with the same experimentation as much the sudden blasts of susurrating noise.

Testphasen Negativ refrains from merely developing noise into cacophony, rather using it in brief passages to segue flashing imagery like collage: there is never a dull moment and always something new glued over and under without being too dense. Symphonic progressions spoons a little classicism into the album but gargled vocals chew away any relief of the schizophrenic experimentation.

Kenji Siratori sneers a scowling spoken word recitation to the Asiatic “Anti-Viral”, which is one of the first times Siratori’s voice compliments further medieval horror to the soundtrack. As such it stands apart from the album in malignant minimalism, regardless if you cannot understand Japanese.

As with his Ralf’s first album, the sound quality is superb, refined subtly and bristling a full range of frequency and stereo space. 

The album is limited, released on A5 cotton-weave paper card in a gatefold six-panel format, printed fully in black and white within and without in blurred and fractal patterns. A small foam dot attaches the disc to the central panel. It has the initial appearance of a punk DIY job but it is a quality product, a step above from Ralf’s first release, “How I Won the War/wie ich den Krieg gewann” .


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