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Pinknruby - Queen Kale
Monday, June 15 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Skarsnik

Queen Kale

Artist: Pinknruby United Kingdom

Title: Queen Kale

Label: Proserpina Records United Kingdom

Genre: Ethereal / Neofolk
Track Listing:

01 Stardust
02 Summoning Storm Clouds
03 Jakinafield
04 Seasons Passing
05 Agua Fieru
06 Hamerov
07 Alua
08 Wings of a Dove
09 Janerla
10 Seven Sisters

Pinknruby is a beautiful ethereal folk coalition between the angelic vocalist Mihaela Repina from Slovenia and the guitarist Paul Bradbury from the UK. Together with a group of skilled session musicians they have crafted an album equal in mixture of dreams and drama. The album is more or less selfreleased on their own label Proserpina Records but where mastered by Frederic Chaplain from their former label Prikosnovenie.

The first impression you get from this wonderfull album is a lasting one. The atmosphere through all the songs are very otherworldly with Mihaelas haunting and heavenly voice lingering on top of the whispering guitar. The music remind me of Cocteau Twins with its strange but utterly magnificent vocals clad in the gentle yet perfectly mixed guitars and bass. From the very playful and lingering Stardust the album takes alot of twists and turns in its influences yet remains in the ethereal and otherworldly quality. Summoning Storm Clouds is a delight for the senses in its sweet whisperings and the video thats avaliable on the bands homepage is exquisite. Seasons passing is a soft song with a deep sense of melancholy and sadness that really breathes with feelings.

The vocals of this album are truly amazing. Mihaela is a skilled artist that delivers feelings right from the bottom of her soul even though the lyrics are beyond me in interpretation. The combination of ethereal and dreamy sound combined with various folk-inspired instruments proves to be a excellent match. The album is very streamlined and although the dreamy sound is overly used the variation in the various songs are more then enough to make it varied and interesting. The guitars are wonderful and really compliment the angelic voice of Mihaela. Overall the only real lack of this album is that it tends to feel a bit moodier at the end while the early tracks are more uplifting.

Queen Kale is a phenomenal album from a band that really deserves more listeners. The music is haunting and reminds me of a cross between Cocteau Twins, The Cranes, Louisa John-Krol and Angels of Venice. For anyone into ethereal music with a love for folk and beauty this album is the holy grail. The video of the song Summoning Storm Clouds are available on the bands homepage so check it out.


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