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Music News
Music News From Shinto Records
Friday, June 12 2009 @ 06:08 PM PDT
Contributed by: Paddy

Now Taking Discounted Pre-Orders

Verney 1826


Verney 1826 places you in a thought provoking atmosphere with a chilling sense of otherworldly presence. There is something almost spiritual about them as rhythms and pulses form a tribal like incantation at times, while other moments are stripped down to a minimalistic dream and lull you into a melancholy haze.....Verney 1826 has the artistic ability to integrate many elements of gothic, ethereal, neo-classical and electronic into a seamless and absolutely beautiful album, proving they are no one trick pony." OverThrow music
Sample Audio From this album here

New Release 


Compositions range from raw industrial and sweeping instrumental to haunting ambient and harsh electro.

Artist Statement:

We are taught to view ourselves and the world in black and white. To deny aspects of ourselves. This creates a discord of heart and mind. We forget who we are. We forget how similar we are. We analyze instead of experience. We think instead of feel. We no longer live. We simply exist. To be alive we must cast aside thoughts and beliefs that would constrain our hearts and minds. Remember what it means to be human; what it is to be alive.
With every effort, Impurfekt strives to embody this philosophy. To awaken what's inside. To ever be a reflection of the human state. Impurfekt was born in 2008 out of a passion for dark, electronic music. It is most influenced by the early works of such artists as Velvet Acid Christ, In Strict Confidence, and Wumpscut.
Sample Audio from this album here

E ditoria - Now Available!
This is the new Shinto Records Artist Sampler featuring tracks from
16 Shinto Records artists. 3.99 or free with orders of 15.00 or more.

Editoria Track Listing:
The Spiritual Bat - Silver Lakes
Kalte Traurigkeit - October Reveries
Scarlet Slipping - Forward, You, Me
Phantoms Of The SS - Rebuild Code 24 (Version 1)
Com.pulsion - Silk Skin
Verney 1826 - Albatros
Mysterian - Veil Unwithered By Grief
Batzz In The Belfry - Come and Die
Fear Of Dolls - Saint Dymphnae
My Beloved - King Of The Mountain
Immundus - To Where The Spirits Dwell
Flesh Eating Foundation - Seethe
Emergency Hand Puppet - The Dolls
Bella Lune - Silent And Still
The Oedipus Complex - Burning Cloth
Jason Alacrity - Poison Test
Order E ditoria Here


The Thorn That Draws Blood

Discounted pre-orders no longer available, this album is Now In Stock - get it for 10.99. "The Thorn That Draws Blood", beautifully and somberly orchestrated music to enrapture you in a romantic, dreary and melancholy realm of pure gothic beauty. here 

Cyberangels has posted a new interview with Scarlet Slipping

Shinto Radio - new podcast available

Fearnet Review of the Sin-Tech compilation gives warm regards to Shinto Records stating:

"with a strong web presence and an ever-expanding roster of artists, the outfit stands poised to slug it out with the more established players."

"With their open-minded, even fearless approach to the domain of dark sounds, it sounds like Shinto's got their shit together, and I ’m digging into their catalog for more… if you're not afraid to have your whole idea of music shaken up a bit, I’ d say you should check them out for yourself."

"If you're expecting the usual bumping analog beats and clubby hooverphonic buzz-bizness, you might be disappointed, because most of the artists gathered on this disc don ’t toe the line of typical EBM or electro-industrial, but instead actually revisit the wild frontiers that groundbreaking industrial and experimental bands like Coil or Cabaret Voltaire were compelled to explore in those wide-eyed early days. If your electronic tastes fall more on the less daring side, Shinto's repertoire has a fair share of up-tempo club fare – some really strong entries in that field, in fact, so you might still find something you like there. Me, I'm down with the folks who tread the path less traveled, and serious hails to Shinto for giving them a boost." - Gregory Burkhart - FEARnet

Sample audio and Order Sin-Tech here : www.sin-tech.org/Sin-Tech.html 

As always!

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