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Synnack - V2
Monday, June 01 2009 @ 03:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ZG


Artist: Synnack United States

Title: V2

Label: Force Of Nature United States

Genre: Rhythmic industrial/ IDM/ Ambient

Track Listing:

01 int
02 Nauvoo
03 L3D
04 The Locative
05 Held Down By The Sun
06 Her Room
07 Rize (5 mg)
08 Ochun
09 Systema Adroit
10 BBN
11 Underneath Outside
12 Ants In the Water

Synnack is a project of Clint M. Sand and Jeff Ito. They are know for mixing the elements of IDM, noise and ambient and having each live performances different from the previous one. Apart from Synnack Clint M. Sand used to be a member of cut.rate.box band and create music under the name Mono Chrome together with Victoria Lloyd. In Synnack Clint M. Sand is responsible for sound design, mixing, mastering, video, programming, arrangement, instrumentation and Jeff Ito is responsible for samplingm live manipulations and instrumentation as well. V2 is issued on Force of Nature Productions, an American label, focused on electronic, noise and ambient music.
In a way Synnack's V2 came out as a sort of collaboration of Clint M. Sand with two musicians, Jeff Ito (also the band memebr) and Tony Young, well known as Autoclave 1.1, who did additional instrumentation in a few tracks - on 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8th ones). The release is quite diverse – rough and tough on one hand with all the broken beats and indurstial patterns filled with technoid sounds of breathing machines and at the same time it had those atmospheric soundscapes in the background that make the sound somewhat softer, more interesting and easy to perceive, even relaxing despite the aggression of rhythmic section. I would like to mark out such tracks as “The Locative” which starts from weird silence, which is slowly filled with viscous technoid sounds being accompanied with the rhythm which becomes more and more complex while the track evolves.

Numerous layers of sound and quite simple in the beginning rthythmic ornament which has to be felt actually - that is what makes this track so interesting and memorable. I'd say that the rhythm that has to be felt, the rhythm built upon deep bass and drums, makes some tracks both very relaxive and at the same time making one move. Other tracks I would like to mark out are "Systema Adroit" and “Ants In the Water” (a very diverse and multi-aspect track). Clint M. Sand uses different means of expression as live electronics, field sampling and various software to create his experimental universe for us to get into.
But that is not everything that awaits the listener when he or she opens the digipack with the CD. There is a small paper that falls out from the digipack with the registry code which gives you an access to other media, including additional and unreleased tracks, videos as well as discounts on merchandise and so. That is a certainly pleasant surprise occasional band provides to the ones that buy the CDs. The thing is that originally Synnack was started in 2001 as an online music collaboration community, providing a place for people to exchange music that they compose, shear and remix each other's music, and 'release' them at no charge. The only requirement was to post the source material used in its creation as well, such as samples, etc. In the private section for registered users one can find the kits to remix Synnack tracks for free.


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