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Voetsek - Infernal Command
Friday, May 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: TraXteR

Infernal Command

Artist: Voetsek United States

Title: Infernal Command

Label: SelfMadeGod Records Poland

Genre: Thrash Metal/Grindcore

Track Listing:

01 Family Ties
02 Sorry Don’t Mean Shit
03 Terror On The Dance Floor
04 Plagued By The Winds Of Conformity
05 W.W.L.D. (What Would Lemmy Do?)
06 Rethinking The Paradigm
07 Blueprint For The Perfect Circle Pit
08 Frozen Heart
09 Screwdriver Smile
10 Self-Righteous Fuckdom
11 Bully With A Badge
12 Aggro Fueled
13 Five Years In Iraq
14 Dismember Momma
15 Mucho Macho
16 Onward To Nothingness
17 Strange Fruit

 A San Franciscan band published by a Polish label. Strange combination with excellent results… and Strange Fruit! Who would have seen that coming? But there is much more to this album than just a brutal cover of one of the best anti-racist political anthems of all time (made famous by the gorgeousness known as Billie Holiday). There is a great amount of good humor packaged here, a pleasant surprise when considering a scary cover so goddamn Eighties you could swear this band still parties like it’s 1984.

 “Infernal Command” barely scuffs the twenty-something minute mark with seventeen songs, most of them not even a minute long in true Grindy fashion. Tracks can range in subject matter from corrupt policemen on “Bully With A Badge”, the even more corrupt government that instigated conflict with invasion and occupation in the Middle East on “Five Years In Iraq”, and an extremely sexy and sexual tribute to the one and only leader of Motorhead entitled “What Would Lemmy Do?”. All words are sung in what sounds like one breath in the shorter tracks, and the playing is just as quick, an obvious accumulation of strength built up over five years PunkThrashing it up all over the Bay Area. 

Compared to the various vinyl releases the band has been fortunate to have put out by labels like 625 Thrash and Sound Pollution, “Infernal Command” is much more Metal than Punk. This shows a good direction for the band to keep following. The album art of zombies and a reaper-like figure against a backdrop of a cheap skyline during twilight was created by a prolific artist by the name of Andrel Bouzikov. This man’s work has also made up the album covers of other bands such as Cannabis Corpse, Municipal Waste, Fueled By Fire and Hatchet.


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