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Medusa - En Raga Sül
Wednesday, April 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Richter

En Raga Sül

Artist: Medusa United States

Title: En Raga Sül

Label: Hawthorne Street Records United States

Genre: Sludge Doom Metal

Track Listing:

01 Rain Un Thunder
02 Mediatrix
03 En Raga Sul
04 Back To Dust
05 Transform
06 Destructor
07 Bruiser
08 Throne Of God
09 Inflict The Venom
10 Snakebite
11 Soldiers Of Death
12 Body Count
13 Alucarda
14 Flesh Fly
15 Wicked Father

Allow me to begin from the end, this CD has a multimedia section containing a music video for the song “Rain Un Thunder” and some from-the-studio footage, where the guys from Medusa play some loud rough music, gag, drink alcohol and smoke something very pleasant and inspiring. Now guess what music do these fellas from Bloomington, Indiana, unleash upon your (now prepared) ears?

If you answer: very raw, very groovy and aggressive Sludge Doom Metal mixed with impolite straight-forward Punk, you may be right. And you will be very right when you have inserted the album into your CD player – these 15 pummelling tracks will give you loads of pleasure unchecked by the standard rules for metal music with its boring overlong songs with mellow riffs and cheesy melodies (or extreme but incomprehensible sonic violence). Here everything is balanced; the cocktail has been thoroughly shaken and served for you to drink it by small sips – the songs are short and really intense. They are based on aggressive, but precise riffs of meaty guitars, bound to demolish your ears with its abrasive sound enforced by elastic carnivorous bass; together these three aggressors - Mike 'COBRA' Anderson, James 'CONSTRICTOR' Bauman (guitars) and Alex 'COTTONMOUTH' Mann – create a really bulldozing maelstrom of sonic waves loaded with tons of energy and enough impact to send you dance with your head smashed and your brain dripping out of all orifices.

But don’t you worry - no brain is needed here, as this music sends commands directly to your spinal cord. Check out the song “Back To Dust” - can you sit strait when it is playing? Can you sustain the elastic riffs at the end of “Transform”? Can you help falling into the jolly debauch of jumping around like a madman at the sound of “Bruiser”? Can you throttle down your desire to take a gun and run amok when Scott VanBuren cries “Attack!” in “Inflict The Venom”? And can you keep your conscience clear when the music turns slow and spreads the wings of trance above your head? Well, I admire your self-control. For to resist the charms of “En Raga Sül” you have to be either a man with no nerves and no heart, or to be deaf - this music is mighty, like the gaze of that ancient monster with snakes on the head, which gave the band its name – Medusa. But unlike that abomination, the guys from Medusa will not turn you into stone – on the contrary, they will make you bang your head!


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