.Cut & Friends - Sous Le Microscope : Un Film de Françoise Provencher

Wednesday, April 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PDT

Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef

Genre: Experimental / Cinematic

Track Listing:

Sometimes you got to wonder who sits away from our universe, putting one cluster of our galaxies under its microscope, looking at that tiny cloud of dust (in its perspective) and saying "wow, this tiny grain of dirt looks exactly like the huge cluster of stars where my world is!". If that creature could only have seen "Sous Le Microscope", I am sure there were several patterns that could find a parallel shapes and colors in its world as well.  This movie, three and a half minutes long, visually showing several of what seems to be crystalline patterns in wonderful, vibrant colors. At some point the colors remind me of a grassy hill with flowing sand and I wonder if this is indeed a micro cosmos of some sort, or maybe an actual photograph of our own landscape, which is torn and shredded into these beautiful patterns. Either way, these two distant worlds, the one we know and live in, and the micro cosmos that is described in this movie, are intertwining and creating parallels between themselves. Small red bodies remind me of trees, or feathers, or lakes. It all changes with hypnotic efficiency.

The music of ".Cut and friends", a project that head of the [Walnut + Locust] label Alberick manages as ".Cut", with, obviously, the help of various friends, one of which is Pierre-Emmanuel Tremblay who was reviewed for his release few issues ago,  attempts to grasp the presence, or the being of this tiny, invisible world. Translating the visuals into delicate and thoughtful soundscapes that manage to express the brittleness of this microscope, kaleidoscope world. Beautifully laid one on top of each other, the layers of sound vary from deep gongs to piano layers to tiny bells, and in that way manages to describe the infinite layers of colors that are seen in this short movie.

One thing that damages this experience though, is how short it is. In my opinion the musical work is very well done and the visual work is beautiful, and the fact that this joyride ends after three and a half minutes damages it a little. In anyway, "Sous Le Microscope" is a very nice gem, both in vision and in audio.