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Greater Than One - G-Force
Wednesday, April 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Blond Adonis


Artist: Greater Than One United Kingdom

Title: G-Force

Label: Brainwashed Archives United States

Genre: Techno / Industrial / EBM

Disc I:

01 G-Force
02 IchLiebe Dich Mein Prinz
03 Black Magic
04 Alpha 5
05 The Man Who Lived in Books
06 The Ballet of the 3 Feathered Sardines
07 Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Disc II:

08 I Don’t Need God
09 Ignorance is the Agent of Fear
10 Fear is the Agent of Violence
11 Utopia A
12 Utopia AA
13 Utopia Minuet

Disc III:

14 Joy
15 Metal
16 Voice
17 Dub Killer
18 Harmony
19 Hair/Spirits
20 Pathway/Entrance
21 Spin/Fall
22 August/Bondage
23 Memories/Scissors
24 I’m Gonna Whoop Your Ass
25 Storm the Dancefloor
26 Take it Easy
27 Joy - Killjoy Edit


There is this force, Greater Than One.  Actually, it’s a two-man band, basically.  Lee Newman and Michael Wells make up Greater Than One, a futuristic party in a can, always on the cusp of new media and sources of sound.  Their tenure at the legendary Wax Trax! Records has just been recently re-issued in a one-package format, containing two EPs and one full-length CD. 

Three of Greater Than One’s best works were just put out in a 3-CD set that was released and distrubted by Brainwashed Records.  Warner-chappell is the music publisher, however, they had no money invested in the actual release.  The collection is entitled G-Force and contains, as mentioned, three different albums:  two EPs:  Greater Than One (self-titled) and I Don’t Need God.  The third, full-length CD, with 14 wild and manic tunes on it is called Index and is a seemingly endless disc of seamless transitions from track to track, with deep, dark ionospherics, space-vacuum filters and all sorts of samples of layers and layers of styles, snippets of noise, found sounds and street sounds, errant parts of stray conversations and so on. 

All this mixed together with tight beats, groovy and very catchy hooks and riffs that complement and juxtapose the steely computer love that goes on underneath.  That’s more than just an apt description of the latter CD, more than even the whole of G-Force, it’s GTO’s sound as a whole:  a diverse, never stale, neither sitting still nor resting on their laurels, they put together manic, layered, sampled dance-beat-heavy tunes that take on a life of their own, even though the songs are filled with samples of other bits and pieces of songs; but besides just song samples there are clangs, bangs, whooshes and swishes as well as ambient street noise, errant conversation, a stray voice here and there mixed in with the sometimes frenetic, wild, dancin’ shoes, sometimes sheer beauty in the slowed-down, angelic female soprano operatic soloing.


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