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Volkermord Interview; In Wolf's Form we Strike
Wednesday, April 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: Sage

Volkermord Interview

Heathen Harvest:  Greetings Incenerator.  Firstly, Volkermord, in German, means Genocide.  While it may seem like an obvious answer, can you tell us how the definition of the word transcribes into the overall aim of Volkermord?
Incinerator SS:  Hailz,Sage,yes the name for the band does translate to Genocide.We are a black/war metal band with an obsession for Totalitarian destruction of the modern world,so the name fits quite well.
HH:  What was behind the choice of the your aliases Incinerator SS and Nick Tyrant?
IS:  Well,we figured we needed aliases,and these are what we both chose,not a great deal of thought went into mine(Incinerator-SS),i just wanted something insanely over the top,something that said "fuck off" ,and thats what i got.But seriously make what you will of the names,i think there quite self explanetory.

HH:  Has Volkermord played any live gigs as of yet?  If so, what has been your most memorable gig?
IS:  We played at a power electronics gig in a basement in a neighbouring county,this is so far our only show,we recorded some of it and 2 of the tracks were bonus on the Victorious Werewolf Legions Demo.We dont want to play many shows,so thats partly why we recorded the Rehearsal 08 CDR to give people a chance to hear us stripped down and raw straight into an anologue 4-track.They were first take recordings so some of the vocal delivery on my part was a bit fucked up and differs from the studio material,but we decided to keep it that way.

HH:  Have any ANTIFA-like groups given you any problems in the past or present?
IS:  No,Not yet,i imagine they will though,but i dont think Volkermord is too in your face with the NS images on our releases so i think we manage to run beneath the left wing politically correct police radar! If there is such a thing.I imagine bands like M8l8TH,Wolfenhords etc get far more attention.And what if they did try and give us problems? We run a two man operation here,its not like were the new NSDAP or anything,if they did pick us,then that just shows how stupid they are.We just want to spread our music and ideas to the few people that give a shit,and share our views. We do not fear ANTIFA and similar groups.

HH:  How has growing up in Dorset affected you personally?  How has it affected your view of England and black metal in general?
IS:  Dorset is a great place,we both grew up on housing estates built within semi-rural surroundings,i have become really attached to Dorset and rarely leave,when i do however venture into larger towns or City,s i can see a large gap between their way of life and ours,its much slower paced here and less multi-cultural. I geuss thats were we get the more nationalistic side of Volkermord from,dunno its hard to say.As far as it affecting our view on Black Metal,not sure how to answer that.....

HH:  In a past interview you mentioned that Volkermord was born out of a frustration with the UK black metal scene.  To me, there's quite a few notable acts in the UK scene.  Forefather, Anaal Nathrakh, Caina, and Fen just to name a few.  Where do you feel the downfall lies?  What are the current saviors of the black metal scene in the UK in your mind?
IS:  Anaal Nathrakh in our opinion sold themselves to the UK metal media dream along time ago,they don,t even play Black Metal any more,they call it Black/Grindcore/Metal or something, pathetic.The downfall lies in people in so called "satanic" Black Metal bands chasing interviews and album reviews from mainstream UK based metal magazines,they want fame and fortune,when the realise they cannot get this from playing Black Metal with any kind of raw attitude, extreme political stance or any form of integrity, they jump ship and start something else or change the genre of their music and start playing more progressive types of Black Metal or they go down the more accsessable route of Death Metal.Thus they begin to cater for a mainstream audience,and eventually they turn into the people they once hated.Also here in the UK at the moment Black Metal is starting to become "fashionable" in certain circles, chin stroking art kids at false Black Metal shows,hilarious.

HH:  Can you explain your ties to esoteric Nazism?  You've mentioned previously some strong references to the works of Guido von List.
IS:  As far as ties to Esoteric Nazism go i do not belong to any Occult Groups,but lets put it this way,i have spent the last few years with my head buried in various books. Guido Von List,s "Secret of the Runes" being one of them.Also a book called The Secrt King "the myth and reality of nazi occultism", Rupert Butler,s "Curse of the Death's Head" and various others.If you know of these books then you should know what we are about and where our influences lie.Certain sections of the Black Sun 666 website have also been a source of inspiration to me.  The Esoteric / Spiritual side of Volkermord rarely comes through,this band is pretty much a tool to promote the absolute destruction of civilised society as you know it,we do however call for mystical fascist governing in our writing,also an obsession with war,mass devastation,genocide and the ushering in of a new Europe through the bloodiest war in the history of mankind!

HH:  Have you ever contemplated using Von List's Hexagonal Rune concept to help write your music?
IS:  No

HH:  How has Wotanism/Odinism played into your life personally and how does it come out vocally in Volkermord?
IS:  Wotanism/Odinism/Heathen Values do creep into Volkermord but not too much,its more of a personal thing for us.In some aspects our music we do take influence from Heathen ethics,such as condemnation of cowardice and unconditional pacifism,celebration of honourable actions and integrity,nature worship,a return to ways of old,Ancestry etc.

HH:  Politically, you have a very definitive right-wing symbology and ideology through your music.  Neofolk especially has come to be known as being associated with this right winged symbolism.  Do you draw any influence whatsoever from neofolk (though it obviously doesn't come out in Volkermord)?  What black metal projects in general do you draw a lot of political influence from, or at least feel on the same path with?
IS:  I never really listened to much Neo-Folk,i feel a bit overwhelmed by it all,like,whats the good bands etc. But i do have a NON cd "children of the black sun" which i will listen to at least once a week,i like that album alot,but is it Neo-Folk?I dont know.I also listen to Dead Raven Choir,but again im unsure of what genre they fall into.But yes the powerful right-wing and heathen/occult symbols used in alot of Neo-Folk are very similar to that of the extreme black metal scene.
As far as Black Metal goes i,m really into Walknut right now,also M8l8TH, Bone Awl, Nervengas, Graveland(thousand swords album), Woodtemple, Nortt, Hammer(Fin), Forest, Malveillance (Insigniffiance-Tour De Garde tape), Burzum, Raw Hatred, Von, Benighted Leams......the list is endless!

HH:  Do you, yourselves, consider Volkermord a manifestation of NSBM?  Or do you shy away from that label?
IS:  We like NSBM we wouldn,t neccisarily consider ourselves true NSBM if there is such a thing, but its nothing to be ashamed of,alot of the bands involved in the scene are amazing and its a good way of keeping black metal just for the extreme individuals in society,most metal pussys are scared of a Sun Wheel or an Odal rune and think its wrong,so be it,fuck them.Dont want them in the underground BM scene anyway.

HH:  Do you face much hate from your own city in Dorset?  Do many people blatantly stand against Volkermord?
IS:  Most people don,t even know about us here. We are not ones to go around boasting that were in an extreme Black Metal band,theres no point, people wouldnt understand and would brand us Nazi Satanists or whatever.Also we both have day jobs and its important to keep our music away from that,im not sure how certain individuals would react to a band like Volkermord. This music is an outsider art form and should remain that way,its not for everyone,especially the general public.

HH:  You both seem relatively young.  When did you both find this right-winged ideology as truth in your own lives?  Were you raised around this style of political frenzy by your parents?
IS:  I geuss this extreme political and spiritual stance began with me 6 or 7 years ago i can,t speak for N.Tyrant. My parents are not political or religious in any way,i discovered this way myself and have developed my own rules and ways of living through it.I have developed my own life code and i stick to it as much as possible.

HH:  You've mentioned Malveillance as being a very definitive influence, but from what i've gathered from Malveillance, though he agrees with the right-winged nature of your music, he has a different kind of stance against blind anti-humanism, i.e. misanthropy.  (See:  Inlay of "Just Fuck Off":  "Baby Face Boo Hoo Hoo, Misanthropy is for Cowards".)  How do you feel about his stance?
OS:  I think the guy does and says what he wants,and honestly doesnt give a fuck,the true essence of punk within the fuzzy realms of underground Black Metal,great stuff!!!!!

HH:  You seem to stay true to the DIY lifestyle with your releases.  If offered the chance to release music on larger labels, would you take the chance?  Obviously a label like Christhunt would be worth offering your music to, but i'm talking something like Candlelight Records.  (Granted we all know that's a far shot for a band with nazi-qualities.)
IS:  I dont think we would take any offers from bigger labels,we enjoy being in control of our own material,we can release it when we want and as quick or a slow as we want,also on whatever format we desire be it Tape,Cd,CD-r.As far as Christhunt Productions go i,d like to maybe do a joint release with them or something ,sure. Candlelight?No,no,no.

HH:  What does the future hold for Volkermord and for Wolf's Hook Records in general?
IS:  We have a split Cd with American NSBM band Burning Blood,that should be out this year sometime,we also begin recording our second full length in Autumn 2009,we may also do another rehearsal release, this time on tape.
Wolfs Hook Records-Repress of first Volkermord album"Ancient Fascists Return "Volkermord/Burning Blood Split CD"Deathcult of the Totenkopf " BLUT "this burden" TAPE (Drone Doom from Hampshire UK) So that should keep us busy,also a possible deal with Swedens Drapskunst records for sole UK distribution rights of their releases.

HH:  Thanks for this interview gentlemen.  This last space is for you to say anything you feel needs to be said, be it politically, spiritually, or musically.  Feel free.

Marching on
With the Wolf
The death of now
The birth of cold
Pagan ways return
Bones the tools to build
(Waffen Volkermord,spoken word intro by N.Tyrant


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