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Fecalove - Filth
Sunday, March 15 2009 @ 01:00 AM PDT
Contributed by: ~Oren ben Yosef


Artist: Fecalove Italy

Title: Filth

Label: L.White Records Germany

Genre: Power Electronics / Noise

Track Listing

01 Milano
02 Filth
03 Blossom
04 Toilet
05 Art Statement
06 My Enemy
07 Status
08 Self Sucking
09 Nothing
10 Top Quality
11 Pit

This is the first thing I noticed about Italian Fecalove's "Filth". In the middle of this painful, ugly and sick album, there is this song :
~My Enemy~
This is my cock
This is my enemy
The only source
Of my thought
Its end
My thoughts
My pleasure
My pain
Alfa and Omega
I will give it
What it deserves
Party is over my friend
Turn off the light.
Sixth song on this extreme carnal and abrasive pain odyssey, "My enemy" pretty much sums things up for Fecalove's album. The tight, destructive shrieks that blow over the scorched and rasping voice, sharing his view about his genitalia is a crucial point sitting in the middle of the album. The ongoing pain torture, enclosed inside an A5 sleeve showing a not so romantic meeting between a woman and a dog, is lowering tones just for a little on this sixth song. After five vile tracks of mind boggling filth and fury, Fecalove reveals the (obvious) source of his thoughts and that this source is his enemy. At this moment you have to stop and think. Where is this album going? David mills comes to mind, in the movie se7en, when he asks John doe – "...do you know that you're insane? Maybe you're just sitting around, reading "Guns and Ammo", masturbating in your own faeces, do you just stop and go, "Wow! It is amazing how fucking crazy I really am!"?"  and it appears that this is the point of balance.

This is where things might start going up again after diving down and wallowing in the filth of various body fluids. But things are not going to be easy or pretty. Not here. Fecalove is riding fast on highway 666 and will stop near each roadkill dog's carcass to check for leftovers. Other than that, he is not stopping for anyone.
"Filth" is a harsh album. Grasping the ugliness of our human race when you come to think about the ideas behind the lyrics and the pungent stench of the carnal aroma of it. Musically speaking, names like Brighter death now and Massona comes to mind. Like these two persons, Fecalove is one person on stage, washing you with tidal waves of sonic assaults (and in this case, some fluids you better not ask about the origin of...) from second number one to the end. It is interesting to see a power electronics album with such emphasis on the lyrics of each song, expressing – well, the filth in our lives, because it is not Fecalove that is so demented and obsessed with girls who like dogs. "Filth" is just a mirror showing an ugly image of an ugly race (that's mankind. Not the dogs.) and when in the track "Top quality" he compares the glitter spraying suicide girl with quote, "Slut", end quote (There are actually many more words around the word "slut" in the lyrics, but this is the one word I need in order to make my point.), this is no longer a provocation but a healthy observation about what we decide is glamorous for some reason, and what we decide is filthy, and the fact that there is no big difference between these two things.

Quite a surprising set of clear thoughts inside this nerve breaking distorted power electronics hammer to the face. This is all very ugly. And so when Fecalove writes about himself that he is "an ugly one-Italian-man harsh noise/power electronics project",  take his word, and take his album as well while you're at it.


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