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The Grey Apartment + Project Vivicide - Sonic Lustmord
Sunday, March 01 2009 @ 01:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Vargr Wulf

Sonic Lustmord

Artist: The Grey Apartment + Project Vivicide Greece

Title: Sonic Lustmord

Label: Hospital Productions United States

Genre: Power Electronics / Harsh Noise

Track Listing:

01 The Abyss 
02 Life Devourer 
03 Feral 
04 Dismal Remnants 
05 A Dark Obsesion 
06 Just A Fantasy
07 Worst Nightmare 
08 Chronicle Of The Wretched 
09 Beyond Psychosis 
10 Berserk/Killing Rampage 
11 Initiation

Extreme heavy electronics and yelling from Greece. The version that I have been given is the original CDr release, burned by the group themselves and released from Greece. The cover is a Xeroxed image of a woman’s corpse with a shirt pulled up over her breasts as well as blood and gore spread about. The music is largely Sutcliffe Jugend and C.C.C.C. style outbursts of concrete noise swells interspersed with samples of a violent sex criminal talking about their thoughts on murder and similar subjects. This is a rather quick sort release, about twenty minutes in length, and the only times that the complete audio horror lets up are when the samples kick in or the music ends completely.

Inside this release there are pictures of the fellows who make this music. They are both wearing sunglasses, and one of the gentlemen is wearing a T-shirt with Albert Fish’s face on it and a supposed quote of his stating “I like children, they are tasty.” Another choice quote of his is the classic “Why must pain be so painful?” Particularly poignant coming from a man (Fish that is) who had to be electrocuted multiple times due to a systems failure resulting from the high amount of needles that had sunk into his scrotum at the time of execution. “Chronicle Of The Wretched” breaks the mold a bit by having an atmospheric rhythm track play alongside details of a particularly brutal set of crimes.

“Beyond Psychosis” takes things back into the realm of sheer visceral teror, with horrified screams blending into tortured feedbacks and the agonies of slit throats. Although this style of noise is rather common nowadays, these artists seem particularly sincere in their delivery, which is altogether both frightening and a positive recommendation for fans of this style. This is another release that demonstrates Hospital Productions commitment to quality releases that define the cult nature of the violent sexual noise aesthetic. True murder emotions that detail everyday crimes that make the violence of the pungent hag Nancy Grace pale in sordid comparison. Simply perverted and horrifyingly misogynistic violent noise.


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